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Richard's Diary

Father's Day 15% off your Cubans!!

By David on May, 26th 2017 - 5:57 pm

Hello Again Folks, hope you're having a great start to Summer. We have our Father's Day 15% promotions starting today and we highly advise to get your orders in to take advantage. Stock of the popular ones will fly off the shelves so perhaps think about exploring another brand to go with your Monte 2s, there are so many top Cubans and with these prices, it is a great time to try something different.
Various other fun promotions will happen over these weeks so keep an eye, they will be fast and furious!

Have a great weekend and Happy Father's Day!

David and the Top Team


By David on March, 16th 2017 - 5:03 am

Our favourite promotion is back this year - PI Day Promotion!
Get Montecristos 3.142 all added to your order for anything over an order of 314$! Enter the PI Promotion on the homepage and it will be added!

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are in the world, warm or freezing - but with a great cigar!

All the best from
David & The Top Team

Superbowl Promotion This Weekend Only!!!

By David on February, 03rd 2017 - 7:33 pm

Superbowl this weekend and we have an amazing promotion for all cigar fans this weekend only.
Enter TOPSUPERBOWL into step 4 of the order checkout and receive a pack of our favourite Montecristo No.2s. Only condition is for orders over 250$.
This will run until Monday, so I hope your team wins or even for those of you who don't care, still take advantage of our wonderful promotion, it would be a waste not to!
Have a great weekend and enjoy your smokes!

David and the Top Team

A Warm Welcome to 2017 Folks!

By David on January, 24th 2017 - 1:15 am

A welcome along to 2017 everyone! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year and that we got your orders processed and delivered in time for the vast majority of you. I appreciate your overwhelming understanding that it is a crazy time of year for logistics, weather and general stress for all, and if we were not able to meet your expectations please do drop us a note on, we always want to rectify any ill feeling and we aim to get 100% of our clients satisfied and believing in us.

A busy few weeks for everyone, in our cigar world, and things Cuban, we have a new US President who threatens to undo some of the positives achieved under Obama. We will monitor how this goes regarding the possibility of bringing down the embargo. My feeling was a Hilary Presidency would look to bring that down, under a Trump and a Republican Congress, this looks far from likely.

On the cigar front, Cubans are more popular than ever, with expected record sales to be announced at the Habanos Festival coming up in February. This does lead to problems and you may have noticed the lack of firm favourites in the Cohiba range as well as other highly popular cigars. This is the first year we have not had the stock to be able to offer everything to everyone. We take a lot of pride in both our service and also the stock we offer and we will continue to do everything we can to get that stock available for our hard working clients globally.

All the best for 2017 and keep an eye out for the next round of deals!

David and the Top Team

Fidel Castro is Dead, Many Rejoice, Many in Mourning...

By David on November, 28th 2016 - 6:24 pm

Reaction from across the world is mixed on Fidel Castro's passing, 1 thing that we all can agree on is his impact on the world stage. From bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war in the 60s, to being the figurehead of a revolutionary ideology inspiring a generation of leftists revolutionaries across much of Latin America and the globe.

Clearly the US made some questionable foreign policy decisions in Latin America throughout the Cold War, and Castro embodied the sentiment against it and tried to position himself as the fighter against a bigger bullying neighbour. It is no surprise that much of the world are giving gushing tributes to this leader that went through some 10 US Presidents in his half a century in power.

History will be the judge of Fidel Castro. If any of you happen to go to Cuba now, you will see an idyllic country blessed with beauty and culture, but sadly basics for the population are just not there and with such riches to offer, one wishes a change in direction would come sooner rather than later. Political reform fit for a 21st century is the only way Mr Trump is likely to even start thinking of granting an opening up of the embargo which would pave the way to a more prosperous Cuba.

Topcubans as a Swiss company takes no stance on this controversial figure. Clearly Castro had domestic achievements but at what cost? We love their cigars and their people and we hope as many people in the world are able to make a visit there - it is something to saver so I can't recommend it enough!

The world is a topsy-turvie place at the moment, so who knows what is going to happen next in the fascinating story that is Cuban history of the past 50 years!

Your thoughts are most welcome on

David and the Topcubans Team

End of Year 15% Discounts Are Here!!

By David on November, 24th 2016 - 6:08 pm

We are onto the final stretch of the year and what a year it has been. Many were surprised at Trump's election win, many were not. The conventions have been thrown out across the Western World, and no doubt 2017 has more googlies to throw up at us!
Cigar smokers are notoriously laid back and the type of person you would like at your side in the trenches, roll-up your sleeve reliable people who you can count on. Particularly in these turbulent times, one needs to give one another respect for their views, their personal space and to take responsibility. Our clients have these traits in their droves and having travelled and met many of you, it has been a true pleasure of 2016 to do so. More to come in 2017 is the plan, we get great feedback on our events and what does everyone tell me - they want the best prices. So Thanksgiving or indeed Christmas/Hanukkah or end of year whatever - we give you that, our best promotions are here and here to stay until the end of the 21016. Keep an eye out for some random flash promotions within promotions but we guarantee everyone will not be disappointed by them

Drop us a line, email or if you are ready to order, fire away through checkout to get your cigars in the quickest possible way.

All the best for this wonderful time of year!

David and the Top Team

Restrictions Softening for Americans Buying Cuban Cigars and Rum!!

By David on October, 19th 2016 - 2:06 am

Recent news on Friday from the Obama administration was warmly if not a tad unexpectedly welcomed by Topcubans. The news was that further restrictions for Cuban made alcohol and tobacco products would be lifted and be on the same levels as restrictions from any other countries. So that is 1 litre of alcohol - Havana Club for example and then up to 100 Cuban cigars.


Simply put Americans will not have a hard time with the customs agents at the airport should you be carrying Cuban cigars or rum which of course is amazing news. About time to, it was always such a silly rule that was frequently abused and common-sense has prevailed on this one. We still will need to wait for an Act of Congress to rescind the Cuban trade embargo, but with more of these restrictions being lifted, it really does pave the way for the embargo being acted upon in the next session of Congress.

We want everyone to think of Topcubans when Cuban cigars cross your mind, and with our experience and service we believe beats all the other options you have out there, we are always here to help with any questions on rules, regulations and of course all things cigars!

Happy Smoking!

David and the Top Team from Geneva Switzerland

A 10% Discount On Lots of Cigars!

By David on October, 05th 2016 - 5:28 pm

We have decided to give a 10% discount off many of our favourite cigars across the board. Some granted remain at regular price, but where we can we want to reward you all at this busy work time of year when we all get a little swamped. Take a break with Topcubans and enjoy the promotion which will last until the end of this weekend!

All the best from the Topcubans team

New Cuban Regionals and Twitterings!

By David on September, 07th 2016 - 1:34 am

Going for a new push on Twitter, we hope to inform and entertain on there, bare with us getting used to how it all works, but we have a positive outlook on this new avenue of connecting with people so wish us well!
Another new development on our site is the new page dedicated solely to Regional limited edition cigars from around the world. This page starts with 7 interesting and exciting cigars and we will refresh with new additions as we go on. This was due in part to the huge popularity in the British Regionals we launched a few weeks ago on the David's Pestigious Page. Expect to see more offerings than ever before on Topcubans, we are determined to be the number 1 cigar merchant online, and if you do not see a cigar online, you are of course more than welcome to get in touch by email, as we may have it or can point you in the right direction. as always.

All the best from the Top Team

Feeling like trying something new? Write it into your order comments and it will be done!

By David on July, 28th 2016 - 3:32 pm

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday somewhere nice and relaxing. Obviously that means ample time for cigars I hope and we have a great selection picked out for this very important me-time this Summer!
As a special celebration of Swiss National Day (August 1st) we are offering all clients who place an order for 400$ or more to write in a cigar they would like to try and it can be any cigar that is available on the website. All cigars except our vintage selections are fair game, so be creative and use this opportunity to get a free hit at a cigar you perhaps typically cannot go for. If you forget, we are happy to add you something at our discretion which we will try to pick on your past history or something we think your individual palate will enjoy.

This promotion will run until Tuesday, so get those orders in and write in your cigar to try in the comments box and it will be done!

Enjoy your break and all the best from the Topcubans Team!

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