Restrictions Softening for Americans Buying Cuban Cigars and Rum!!

By David, on 01/06/2017 02:06
Recent news on Friday from the Obama administration was warmly if not a tad unexpectedly welcomed by Topcubans. The news was that further restrictions for Cuban made alcohol and tobacco products would be lifted and be on the same levels as restrictions from any other countries. So that is 1 litre of alcohol - Havana Club for example and then up to 100 Cuban cigars. CBS NEWS REPORT ON THIS NEWS STORY Simply put Americans will not have a hard time with the customs agents at the airport should you be carrying Cuban cigars or rum which of course is amazing news. About time to, it was always such a silly rule that was frequently abused and common-sense has prevailed on this one. We still will need to wait for an Act of Congress to rescind the Cuban trade embargo, but with more of these restrictions being lifted, it really does pave the way for the embargo being acted upon in the next session of Congress. We want everyone to think of Topcubans when Cuban cigars cross your mind, and with our experience and service we believe beats all the other options you have out there, we are always here to help with any questions on rules, regulations and of course all things cigars! Happy Smoking! David and the Top Team from Geneva Switzerland
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