End of Year 15% Discounts Are Here!!

By David, on 30/06/2017 18:08
We are onto the final stretch of the year and what a year it has been. Many were surprised at Trump's election win, many were not. The conventions have been thrown out across the Western World, and no doubt 2017 has more googlies to throw up at us! Cigar smokers are notoriously laid back and the type of person you would like at your side in the trenches, roll-up your sleeve reliable people who you can count on. Particularly in these turbulent times, one needs to give one another respect for their views, their personal space and to take responsibility. Our clients have these traits in their droves and having travelled and met many of you, it has been a true pleasure of 2016 to do so. More to come in 2017 is the plan, we get great feedback on our events and what does everyone tell me - they want the best prices. So Thanksgiving or indeed Christmas/Hanukkah or end of year whatever - we give you that, our best promotions are here and here to stay until the end of the 21016. Keep an eye out for some random flash promotions within promotions but we guarantee everyone will not be disappointed by them Drop us a line, email or if you are ready to order, fire away through checkout to get your cigars in the quickest possible way. All the best for this wonderful time of year! David and the Top Team
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