Cutting & lighting


A cigar should be cut just above the cap line, right before the curved end of the cigar starts to straighten out. The objective is to create an aperture that ensures a smooth opening for smoking without damaging the structure. A double or single bladed cutter, a special cigar scissor or a punch cutter with a circular blade are all different styles of cigar cutters.

The Pierce:

A simple small hole punched in the end of the cigar. It keeps the "head" firm but may produce a sharp "bite" as the concentrated jet of smoke hits the tongue.

The Guillotine Cut:

A straight-across slice with a razor-sharp cutter, it provides a clean, open drawing area and disperses the smoke to avoid "bite." Americans tend to choose this option.

The "V" Cut:

Preferred by Europeans, it provides ample area for proper air circulation, yet keeps bitter tars down at the deep end of the "V" and away from your tongue.


The ritual of lighting a cigar involves two very important principals. The first involves the instruments used to light the cigar and the second the enjoyment of your Habano. To begin with always use a butane lighter or a cedar or wooden match-stick. Try to never use a petrol lighter, a candle or a wax match as all of these impart odours that the cigar is quick to absorb. The second principle to remember is that a cigar must be lit with the utmost patience and tranquillity. Nothing spoils the enjoyment of a Habano faster than a badly lit cigar.


At a 90 degree angle hold your cigar above the flame of your lighter. Burning directly in the flame makes it too hot. Patiently twist or rotate the cigar until all parts of the foot are evenly charred.

Place the cigar to your lips and with the flame still under the foot puff gently onto the cigar until the flames jump up. Continue to slowly rotate the cigar while occasionally blowing on the foot to ensure an even burn.


Allow the ashes of a cigar to gently fall from the cigar and don't concern yourself with the fate of the ashes, just know that a cigar is not meant to be tapped like a cigarette on the edge of an ashtray. Should you prefer ashing then carefully roll the ash off using the edge of the ashtray.


It is fine to relight your Habano if it goes out just simply clean the ashes off the foot of the cigar by twisting its sides on the edge of an ashtray.

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