Brexit and the Euros into the Knockout Stages

By David, on 21/10/2016 12:56
Lots happening in the world, does the UK leaving the EU bring about a shift in the geopolitics of the world? Trump and Hillary rumble on as the 2 candidates for the most powerful job in the world. Congratulations to Dustin Johnson winning a tough US Open, in tennis Wimbledon starts soon though weather in Europe is not as greats it can be! Finally the Euros enter the exciting phase of competition, knockout from here on in, it is wide open this year. A few quality cigars for bracing yourself for the action, perhaps a Cuaba Salamones for the long night watching the Brexit votes come in overnight. May need to be re-lit, and may knock you out before results are in! For daytime football games, try a Hoyo Epicure No 2, for nighttime games, something a little stronger like a Partagas Serie D No 4 or a Bolivar Royal Corona. Wimbledon and the Royal Henley Regatta Rowing Festival require some classy Montecristo Master or Regatas, and the Eagle is a great size for a round of golf. The world may be turning upside down, but keep it all in perspective, what's important in life, friends, family and a good selection of quality Cubans and bottles of alochol. Take care wherever you are in the world. David and the Top Team
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