Authenticity fake is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Outside of Havana, Geneva is regarded by many as the capital of Cuban hand rolled cigars. At, we pride ourselves on being a member of this much respected Geneva Family. We have one simple aim, that of providing premium quality authentic Cuban hand rolled cigars. Each and every box of Cuban Cigars we offer is opened and inspected to ensure the highest quality by the official Swiss Habanos S.A. distributor. Each box of Cuban cigars we carry is also carefully inspected by a specially trained representative - the cigar's weight, ring gauge, length, color, rolling quality and cap must meet strict quality standards before being placed in our humidor. We verify that the box construction, box codes, the Habanos seal and the official Cuban Government warranty seal are all authentic. When you purchase cigars from, you will receive only authentic hand made, long filler Cuban cigars.

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