A Warm Welcome to our New Site!

By David, on 14/02/2018 00:00

First up I want to thank all of our wonderful cosmopolitan clients from all corners of the globe. We are embarking on the next rather overdue phase of our development, turning in our much beloved old version of our website and coming hopefully a bit more up to date! We want to make sure the charm and the passion still comes across, but the user experience is only enhanced, both on your computer and on your phone or tablet. Change is a difficult thing in our rather conservative industry but certainly necessary. Keep sending us your feedback and our ability to keep connected with our clients will not waiver.
If there are a few little bugs or frustrations, we ask you to bare with us, they will be ironed out over the coming days, and once we are fully confident the links work and our IT team have fixed everything, we will be announcing a splendid promotion and lots of bangs and whistles to welcome formally everyone to our new site, expect an amazing promotion to come!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, it is a privilege to be involved in the cigar industry and to have the best clients in the world. Browse the site, let us know what you think and as ever see you all soon!

David Trutman and the TopCubans Team

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