Fidel Castro is Dead, Many Rejoice, Many in Mourning...

By David, on 13/07/2017 10:24
Reaction from across the world is mixed on Fidel Castro's passing, 1 thing that we all can agree on is his impact on the world stage. From bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war in the 60s, to being the figurehead of a revolutionary ideology inspiring a generation of leftists revolutionaries across much of Latin America and the globe. Clearly the US made some questionable foreign policy decisions in Latin America throughout the Cold War, and Castro embodied the sentiment against it and tried to position himself as the fighter against a bigger bullying neighbour. It is no surprise that much of the world are giving gushing tributes to this leader that went through some 10 US Presidents in his half a century in power. History will be the judge of Fidel Castro. If any of you happen to go to Cuba now, you will see an idyllic country blessed with beauty and culture, but sadly basics for the population are just not there and with such riches to offer, one wishes a change in direction would come sooner rather than later. Political reform fit for a 21st century is the only way Mr Trump is likely to even start thinking of granting an opening up of the embargo which would pave the way to a more prosperous Cuba. Topcubans as a Swiss company takes no stance on this controversial figure. Clearly Castro had domestic achievements but at what cost? We love their cigars and their people and we hope as many people in the world are able to make a visit there - it is something to saver so I can't recommend it enough! The world is a topsy-turvie place at the moment, so who knows what is going to happen next in the fascinating story that is Cuban history of the past 50 years! Your thoughts are most welcome on David and the Topcubans Team
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