**Another Promotion - Personal Boxes This Time!!**

By David, on 11/01/2018 16:42
Hi Everyone, We are always looking to guide people in the wonderful world of Cuban cigars, whether that be educating on how to store cigars, sharing experiences on the many different types of cigars and generally getting the word out there that there is more to smoking Cuban cigars than just Cohibas and Montecristos! We do love them, but there are an infinite number of high quality Cuban cigars which are often not quite on people's radar. With all that in mind, we have created an ideal opportunity for you to try some new cigars, select the personal box on the homepage and we will give you a bonus cigar if you create a personal box of 5, 2 bonus cigars for a personal box of 6 and 3 bonus cigars for a personal box of 10. The great thing is you can create as many personal boxes as you like to take advantage of this great opportunity to try some new cigars. Hope you are enjoying these promotions, feedback always welcome! David and the Top Team
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