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Welcome to TopCubans.com. First called Cubancigars.com, we made our on-line appearance in 1998, before changing our name and structure to TopCubans.com in February 2002. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Cuban cigar capital of the world, you will understand that our 'modus operandi' is Authenticity, Quality and Service.

Authenticity: We insist on obtaining all our Cuban hand rolled cigars from the exclusive Habanos S.A. Importer for Cuban cigars in Switzerland.

TopProducts : We must emphasize that the quality of Swiss sold Cuban cigars is the highest coming out of Havana and the merchants in Geneva are amongst the most respected sellers and collectors in the world. TopCubans.com has been part of this family for many years.

TopServices : We know that good things should not be left to wait, therefore we make sure we send your cigars to you within 7-15 business days, wherever you are located in the world ! Our expert staff here at TopCubans.com double checks every single box before giving them our Top-approval and storing them in our walk-in humidor. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we guarantee replacement boxes or a refund. Your satisfaction is our reward! Should you require a replacement box or to return the product we will request that you return the cigars, you can contact us for return information, this is different for each region so do check with us and we will be happy to accomodate you.

TopSmoking : On a more personal note, I have often been asked "David, what was your most memorable cigar ?", to which a discreet smile meanders its way across my lips and I reply "well, I have had many memorable cigars during my life. For life is made up of experiences good and bad, and these experiences have been punctuated by various brands of cigars I have smoked. Each experience is unique and enriching in its own way. When I decide to smoke a cigar, in the company of others or own my own, the experience of the cigar is an amalgamation of all the sensual factors I am absorbing at that precise moment. You could say I am inhaling the quintessence of life ! In accordance with this, "every cigar I smoke is memorable and worthwhile." This is why I do, what I do. I have no greater pleasure in life than sharing these moments and these experiences with you. I invite you to come and visit our web site TopCubans.com and make it your humidor. Our aim is to make your smoking experience the best and most pleasurable one possible.

Life is an experience, a cigar is there to punctuate that experience.

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Yours sincerely,

David and the Top Team

And if you need any personal advise or if you have any question or simply wish to share your experiences, please drop us a line by e-mail - info@topcubans.com or over the phone: +41 22 786 11 60.

japanese@topcubans.com (Japan)

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