Founded in 1873, the Romeo Y Julieta brand once printed over 2,000 cigar bands! The "Romeos" are one of the most well-known and popular of all of the Havana brands. Over 40 shapes and sizes are produced under this brand, some of which are considered the very best in their size. Romeo y Julieta cigars have won gold medals worldwide for both taste and quality. With so many different sizes and so much pressure on production due to worldwide demand, it is especially impressive that the entire brand continues to be appreciated as one of absolutely top quality. Of particular repute are the Churchill sizes. As always, a large box (25 or 50) of untubed cigars (there are many tubed versions) is an excellent choice, although Romeo Y Julieta tubed cigars are also among the best available. The brand is also credited with introducing the "Churchill" shaped cigar, in honor of the famed warrior and British Prime Minister. British lore claims that when Prime Minister Churchill would meet with foreign heads of state, he would insert a straightened paperclip through the length of his cigar. As his cigar ash would grow longer and longer but not fall, it is said that Churchill would unnerve his often-hostile guests, allowing him to gain an upper hand during delicate negotiations. With so many varieties of cigars one cannot describe all the variations of flavors acheived by Romeo Y Julieta, however, a distinct trait of a Romeo Y Julieta cigar could be that it has been able to adapt to the changes in epicurian fashions over the centuries.

ROMEO Y JULIETA Belicosos Box of 25

  • Ring Gauge: 52
  • Cigar length: 140 mm / 5.51'
  • Strength: Medium to Full Body
  • Vitola: Belicoso
Romeo y Julieta sticks are beautiful to gaze upon and the Belicosos are no exception to this being pretty darn good lookin'! The smoke is a medium strength gyroscope of taste. Sometimes there is so much going on in the mouth that it is hard to explain or equate it to something that is familiar to the majority. I feel taken away when I smoke these cigars, I smell musk and earth and... the sun! I taste the sun! Not literally of course, but I taste the sun in the leaf that has been bred on the great stars rays, and I feel it in my mouth. I could say I taste leather or sugar or some other thing that is generic to us all but for this cigar I taste the power of the sun on all living things. That is what is so splendid about cigars, that connection between man and the earth, man and the universe. And that is why Cuban cigars are amazing, because they are the proof of the connection between a people and their environment. So, yeah! This is a pretty great cigar! Buy it!

Romeo Y Julieta

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