When one examines the Flor de Rafael Gonzalez box, the following statement can still be found: "These cigars have been manufactured from a secret blend of pure Vuelta Abajo tobaccos selected by the Márquez Rafael González, Grande of Spain." The "secret blend" has been pleasing cigar smokers worldwide for over 20 years. To truly appreciate this brand's exquisite fragrance and outstanding smoke, it is recommended that the cigars be smoked within one month of their shipping date, or smoked only after being aged for about a year. Made in the famous Romeo y Julieta factory, these moderately priced cigars are among the best cigars available regardless of the price. The brand is particularly well-known to serious cigar smokers. Be careful not to confuse the Flor band label with the famously full-flavored Montecristo brand; As the Flor de Rafael González Cuban cigars are among the mildest of the Havana cigars, you would be quite surprised if you lit a Montecristo by mistake ! Known for their mellow taste, Fonseca cigars are great for beginners.

RAFAEL GONZALEZ Panetelas Extra Box of 25

Panetelas Extra
Panetelas Extra
  • Ring Gauge: 37
  • Cigar length: 127 mm / 5'
  • Strength: Light
  • Vitola: Other
Mild mannered small cigars that is perfect for all smokers and at any time of the day. An almost sweet start, the mild tobacco flavors give this cigar a gentle smoke. Excellent value cigar for the quality of the cigar.

Rafael Gonzalez

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