History of FONSECA

An exquisite cigar, the Fonseca brand is the only Cuban cigar brand that offers all its cigars wrapped in extremely delicate, almost transparent paper. It is thought that this wrapping helps the cigar maintain an optimal humidity level. The wrapper also protects the cigar from becoming damaged. Cigar aficionados love the unique appearance of the Fonseca cigars. The Spaniard Don Francisco Fonseca first registered the Fonseca trademark in 1907. Early in the 20th Century, the Fonseca Cuban cigar was manufactured in several different Havana cigar factories. Fonseca Cuban cigars are now produced in Quivicán, a small town in the province of Havana. The taste associated with a Fonseca cigar is a mild sweetness and aromatic herbal quality. The mild quality of the Fonseca brand means that it offers a chance for beginners to exercise there palate with a Cuban.

FONSECA No. 1 Box of 25

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No. 1
  • Ring Gauge: 43
  • Cigar length: 162 mm / 6.38'
  • Strength: Light to Medium
  • Vitola: Lonsdale

The No.1 is an honestly constructed Lonsdale with superb balance, I'm pleased that I could find some of these cigars for Topcubans customers. When a cigar is balanced and its draw is unobstructed, its ventilation adequate and its burn regular the tobacco is given an opportunity to release its full potential in the smoke. The No.1's tobacco is cedary, and peppery at times, it could be argued that the cigar has less flavorsome tobacco than other cigars, yet the balance acquired due to rolling techniques allows the No.1 to flaunt its muted attributes.


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