History of CUABA

First introduced in London in 1996, the Cuaba brand was the first new Cuban cigar brand to be introduced into commercial production since 1968. Historically, "Cuaba" is the Taino Indian word for the special Cuban bush used to light the "Cohíba" or "Tobacco" on the Island. Generally associated with a taste that is similar to Romeo Y Julieta, full of various flavors but never tasting too much of one flavor in particular, Cuaba cigars are on average mild and balanced. All 4 of the Cuaba vitolas are in the figurado (perfecto) shape: the Exclusivos, the Generosos, the Tradicionales and the Divinos. This shape was popular until the beginning of the 20th century. Habanos S.A. decided to revive the British tradition of smoking figurados; hence the fitting unveiling of the brand in London, England. Habanos, S.A. has since reintroduced other historic brands and shapes.

CUABA Exclusivos Box of 25

  • Ring Gauge: 46
  • Cigar length: 145 mm / 5.71'
  • Strength: Medium to Full Body
  • Vitola: Double Figurado

I have some Scottish blood in me somewhere, apparently I have a clan!! I was over in Edinburgh recently visiting a great friend of mine who owns a peat farm on the Isle of Islay. He knows his whiskies and he introduced me to the Laphroaig and Exclusivos combo! He brought a 40 year old malt whiskey and I had a strange hunch that Exclusivos might go well with his choice. Crisp, fresh and with an underlying drive of green pepper, pine and liquorice Exclusivos is a mellow smoke. The peat taste of the whiskey mingled into the smoke seamlessly. Once the oatcakes and cheese arrived I was in twee heaven! Try the combo and I guarantee you will feel like Scottish Laird, och aye!


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