Outcomes for Cuba depending on the next US President

By David, on 17/05/2016 15:50
Can we say now that it will be a Clinton-Trump election in the US? Almost certainly we can, so we can now start to play the fun game of what would a President Trump world look like and would a President Clinton one be a simply continuation of Obama's policies, good and bad? As a cigar smoker and a keen alcohol consumer, I am very much in the personal freedom camp - keep out of my business government, and typically this would favour a Republican candidate. In our little world of cigars and all things Cuban, I think Republicans are stronger on citizens' rights, ie freedom to smoke and not be lectured about it, but then on the potential of opening up Cuba, Trump's strong anti-trade rhetoric makes cutting a deal to end the embargo hard to envision. He does make noises of his ambivalence to the issue, it will, as it always has for the past 50 years, be down to how influential the Cuban Republicans in Florida are in getting their man to maintain the status quo. Hilary on the other hand looks very keen to capitalize on the progress Obama has made, and potentially take the glory of finally opening it all up. I imagine the embargo won't be changed in this final year of his premiership so that is surely an attainable goal she could have in her 1st term. It may have a lot to do with the next generation of Cuban leaders once the Castros move on. Cigar smokers are constantly under attack in the US and around the world, being lumped in with cigarette smokers as all bad. High taxes, lack of sensible regulations on where to smoke and the stupid and infringing plain packaging laws started by the Australians and looking to be rolled out across Europe. We will continue to fight for cigar smokers' rights, and for governments to just leave us all alone in peace. One can always hope we get a President who acknowledges this. Warmest Regards to you all around the world, enjoy your smokes! David
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