A New Promotion Celebrating a Rather Querky Swiss Festival...

By David, on 13/04/2016 10:22
A new Promotion on Topcubans, for all orders over 400$ we are adding 2 Cohiba Siglo I tubos cigars to your order. This applies for all order from now until Sunday April 17th at midnight. You must have your order in by then to take advantage of this special offer, and we add the cigars manually our end once you have placed the order. The Siglo I is a firecracker of a little cigar, plenty of spice and power in the quick smoke. The tubos allow it to be an ideal gift stick to a friend or a couple of cigars for a night out on the town. Why the promotion? Well we at Topcubans are always trying new and exciting ways to go through the year and check out interesting things that happened culturally both in Switzerland where we are based but also cultures relevant in our cigar world. And then maybe a few fun and random ones thrown in like our famous PI Day promotion in March. In April we celebrate the Sechseläuten Spring Festival with the burning of the Boogg to drive out the Winter and bring in the fresh new season of Springtime. Feel free to find out more here, we at Topcubans love burning things, partiuclarly fine cigars so we will drink and smoke to that. Enjoy the longer nights, and the milder days wherever you are in the world! David and the Top Team
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