Heatwave in Geneva

By David, on 09/07/2015 02:19
It has been baking hot in Geneva the past few days, finally we are getting some rest-bite from record temperatures almost touching 40 degrees C, into the 100s for you Americans out there! Some of you maybe used to such temperatures, but us poor Europeans are not. It makes it that bit harder to find a good light cigar to go with the immense heat. Make sure you have an ice cold drink, a gin and tonic or a mojito to hand as well. Plenty of ice. Topcubans takes safety very seriously and we wouldn't want any of our great clients and avid readers to come over with heat stroke with cigar in hand would we! I hope all of you enjoy the great Summer weather, keep sending in your stories and experiences of where you are and what you are smoking, we really do enjoy reading all about it. Usual place is info@topcubans.com to get in touch. David
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