Trinidad Robustos T

By David, on 12/08/2009 10:04
This new Trinidad Robustos T (ring gauge 50, length 124 mm) is destined for the experienced smoker and rekindles the past glory of complex, medium bodied cigars. Creamy from the on set, the lovely aromas of wood, leather and gentle spice make the initial phase of this cigar very pleasant. The power starts to kick in during the second phase, but the aromas match the mounting strength. The finale is powerful, what you expect from a cigar of this shape and size. The delicate golden wrappers, so familiar to the Trinidad family, give an aura of class to this beautiful cigar. Will no doubt quickly become a firm favorite for any smoker of Habanos. Now available in Cabinets of 12 or 24 cigars.
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