A drop in quality for the Cuban cigar?

By David, on 27/08/2009 09:55
The Cuban cigar has had its up's and down's over the years, no one can deny that. Everyone can remember the end of the 90's and a real drop in construction quality due to rushed and over production. Certain year's have had better or worse quality harvests caused by a numbers of factors, leading to certain year's productions being superior, almost wine like Millesimes. That said, the undeniable quality of Cuban tobacco consistently gives us cigars of character with complex and sophisticated blends matched by no other. We are experiencing an interesting period in Habanos's history, as the Cuban tobacco giant tries to adapt its production to the wishes and needs of the modern smoker. On the one hand we are getting fantastic new sizes, exciting new blends and regular supply of the full Habanos catalogue, on the other we are noticing slight problems with rolling. The economic situation has hit Cuba too, with factories closing for part of the Summer. Is this slight fumble in quality caused by these factors only, hard to tell. One thing is for sure, now is the time to rely on your official Habanos retailer. Only an official Habanos retailer will perform all the necessary checks on your cigars to assure you a quality smoke, as well as guarantee the origin of the product. The black mark in all this is the sad reality that the market is still being flooded by second rate copy cigars introduced by so-called cigar merchants, unfortunately many of them claiming to be based in Geneva's Free zone (stay well away form any site who claims this!!!). These 'pushers' who claim they are selling Cuban cigars could be the reason for the general impression of a drop in quality of Cuba cigars. Help save the Cuban cigar by saying no to these thieves. Our passion is being ruined by a bunch of lowly con men. Let's not let this happen! Give us your thoughts.
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