Montecristo's New Open line - soon available on

By David, on 21/06/2009 00:00
The 2009 Habanos S.A. Festival in February saw the launch of the new Montecristo Line of cigars. The four Montecristo Open sizes include the Junior, 38 ring gauge by 110mm (4 1/3 inches), the Regatta (Figurado), 46 by 135mm (5 1/3 inches), the Master, 50 by 124mm (4 7/8 inches), and Eagle, 54 by 150mm (5 7/8 inches). The four cigars carry the traditional brown and cream Montecristo band, but they also have second green band with gold and white lettering. The Open line has been created for outdoor sporty smoking and has a blend which is fresher than the usual Montecristo spicy bouquet. These new Montecristo cigars will be available in the near future. Look out for the Newsletter to be the first to try these cigars.
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