Olympic Smokes

By David, on 09/08/2008 16:16
Once every four years and eagerly anticipated by the entire world population, the Olympic Games is one of the few truly global events. A place where amateur athletes rub shoulders the highest paid stars of the sports world, a spectacle that is seen by nearly 4 billion viewers worldwide, an opening ceremony attended by more than 100 heads of state and a program that provides entertainment for everyone, even those less sports inclined. For China, this is a spotlight on their country and culture. It is a nation that is advancing at a galloping pace. The Chinese have a history that dates back well over 5000 and a culture that has so much to offer other cultures, especially in this age of 'back to basics'. Like in most countries, the Cuban cigar is a prized possession in China and a clear symbol of social status. Hong Kong has long been home to some of the biggest private collectors of Cuban cigars in the world and Habanos S.A. acknowledge the importance of this market, with several Regional Releases on the Asian Market every year. Smoking has always been part of the Chinese culture, so a steep increase in sales of Cuban cigars in China will surely parallel the general growth of the country. So we invite you to soak up this atmosphere of sporting excellence and fraternity and stretch your palate to the limit with the TopCubans.com Olympic Smoking Seleccion.
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