Double banded tendencies

By David, on 14/08/2008 17:15
It seems that our friends at Habanos S.A. have decided to embark on the double banding theme for cigars in the next few years. After the Special productions (EL's, Regional Productions, Casa Del Habanos productions, Anniversary productions), the RyJ Short Churchills, the Cohiba Maduro line, the new Hoyo Epicure Especiales and H.Upmann Magnum 50, it is now the existing regular production cigars that are going to start appearing double banded. The RyJ Churchill is now being produced with the golden Churchill band, as well as the standard red RyJ band found on the rest of the line. Look out for the H.Upmann Magnum 46 to also start appearing with a double band. I am expecting most of the cigars to go into double band, as Habanos look set on creating a band that depicts the family and a band that depicts the vitole. Good or just a waste of paper? Give us your thoughts.
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