Damaged cigars - repairable?

By David, on 28/08/2008 11:55
I often get asked about damaged cigars and how damaged one must be before it effects the smoke of the cigar. You would be incredibly surprised at the resistance and construction of these Cuban hand rolled cigars. As the wrapper is purely for decorative purposes, the binder is the leaf that actually holds the cigar together, surface damage will not have any effect on the cigars' smoke. Cigars like the one shown above right, simply need a dab of odorless vegetable gum or glue to re-stick the loosened leaf. Remember, this is exactly how the cigar is constructed in the first place! Do not be afraid to get closer with your smokes. Touch them, clean them, move them in the humidor and take care of them when slight damage occurs. You will find odorless (remember your cigar is like a sponge, it will absorb any odors around it) vegetable gum or glues at most tobacconists or on-line.
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