This brand bears the name of the property of the best Cuban tobacco grower, Don Alejandro Robaina, whose family of tobacco growers set up in the tobacco region of San Luis during the middle of the last century. The San Luis area has the finest tobacco plantations and wrapper tobacco of the Vuelta Abajo region. Don Alejandro's father, Maruto Robaina, was considered the finest tobacco grower in the country. In 1950, upon the death of Maruto Robaina, Don Alejandro took charge of the plantations, which have produced and continue to produce the wrapper used to manufacture Habanos cigars. Approximately 30% of the tobacco exported from Pinar del Rio province uses Vegas Robaina (Robaina Tobacco plantation) wrapper, making the plantation a tobacco legend. The taste of "Old School" Cuba awaits anybody who indulges in a Vegas Robaina cigar. Traditional, strong flavors are crafted to please afcionados seeking that centuries old cuban taste. Because of their strength, Vegas Robaina cigars are not for beginners.

VEGAS ROBAINA Clasicos (AGED LPM ABR08) Box of 5

Clasicos (AGED LPM ABR08)
  • Ring Gauge: 42
  • Cigar length: 165 mm / 6.5'

A pack of 5 cigars, these have a perfect age to them, still maintaining the devious smoothness of the cocoa and coffee bean flavors. The added age gives it that little extra consistency one does not find in younger cigars.

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