José Gener, originally a leaf grower and eventually the founder of one of the greatest Cuban cigars factories on the Island of Cuba, began producing the great Hoyo de Monterrey brand in 1960. The "Le Hoyo" series was added to the commercial cigar market in the mid-seventies. The name translates roughly as "the valley of Monterrey", which is a particularly fertile area of land in the "Vuelta Abajo" area of South west Cuba. Gener farmed in this valley for many years during the late 1800's. Known by all cigar connoisseurs due to its distinctive flavor, silky richness and complexity of taste, the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona is perhaps the most sought after and coveted Cuban cigar made. Some believe "gold" really does grow from the ground ! Produced in 7 factories, the Hoyo vitolas and the magnificent Hoyo Double Corona are made with only the finest Cuban tobacco.

HOYO DE MONTERREY Le Hoyo De Rio Seco Stick

Le Hoyo De Rio Seco

A new cigar for the end of 2018, first introduced at last year’s Habanos Festival and now available on Topcubans! We do our best trying to be first to market for our clients and I am in the strong view that these will be very popular. A great chunky cigar, ring gauge at 56 and a length of 5.5 inches (14cm) these medium bodied cigars will be a perfect all-round cigar for your collection. The finest tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region goes into the making of these, and initially will be limited in the numbers we have. More to come so snap them up as soon as you see them online!

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