History of QUINTERO

Very popular on the Spanish market, the Quintero Y Hno. came into exitance in the late 1970's. A popular brand that has remained unchanged in flavor. Earthy flavors, with strong tobacco power. Strong notes of 'grassy' flavors come and go giving and edginess to the smoke.

QUINTERO Nacionales Stick

  • Ring Gauge: 40
  • Cigar length: 140 mm / 5.51'

With grassy flavors very distinct, this Quinetero is slightly out of the norm compared to the rest of the family. One clearly gets sweet, grassy flavors from the on set, giving this cigar a feeling of mildness. Once the earthy power kicks in in the second phase, we recognize this cigar to be a Quintero.

Quintero y hno.

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