History of LA FLOR DE CANO

Founded in 1884 by the brothers Tomas and Jose Cano, the modern brand Flor de Cano didn't come about till 1969. Until then the company was in the hands of the Cano family. At the time of the revolution the Flor de Cano cigar company had a very good reputation in the world of cigars. According to Cubatabaco it was in 1969 that the majority of the Flor de Cano cigars were being made by machines. Only the Coronas had the celebrated "Hencho a mano"(hand made)stamped on their boxes. The Coronas are hard to find due to their limited production. Endowed with a sweetness that will make both beginners and veteran smokers happy, the Flor de Cano taste can be described as mild.

LA FLOR DE CANO Petit Coronas Box of 25

Petit Coronas
Petit Coronas
  • Ring Gauge: 40
  • Cigar length: 123 mm / 4.84'
  • Strength: Light
  • Vitola: Petit Corona
A no nonsense cigar, ideal for the budget conscious and a real pleasure to smoke on a dreamy sort of day. Lovely light texture to this cigar.

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