History of BOLIVAR

In 1901, the Rocha Cuban Cigar Company began producing this outstanding brand – the Bolívar. Named after the infamous General who freed South America from the Spanish, the Bolívar cigar is often compared to the character of the great General himself – strong, powerful and robust in every way. Today, Bolívar cigars are thought to be amongst the strongest, most full-bodied cigars produced in Cuba. The Bolívar cigar is not for the beginner; it's distinctively strong flavor and robust nature draw mostly seasoned Havana aficionados. Oddly, at one time the Rocha Bolívar was famous for offering the world's smallest Cuban cigar, the Delgado, measuring only 1 7/8 inches by 20 ring gauge. It is said that the royal nursery at Windsor Castle once housed a spectacular dollhouse complete with a miniature box of Bolívar Delgado cigars in residence.

BOLIVAR 5th Avenue Products 30 Aniversario Box of 25

5th Avenue Products 30 Aniversario
5th Avenue Products 30 Aniversario
  • Ring Gauge: 52
  • Cigar length: 140 mm / 5.51'
  • Vitola: Torpedo

This cigar was released with the limited number 3,000 boxes to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Fifth Avenue, which is the official Cuban cigar distributor of the German market.

25 cigars come along with the beautiful porcelain jar.


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