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Rates the Ramón Allones Specially Selected


TopCubans Past experience:

I have not met an aficionado who has not praised this Robusto. It is strong, excitingly piquant and packed with explosive nervous character, rather like a stallion. Equally appreciable during the day or with a meal, this Ramón Allones will impress you with its build, its smoothness and its ripe fullness on the palate and the nose. Smoking this cigar is a “real” experience !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2015-04-25

" perfect cigar for cigar aficionados "

Geo Kalfat

On 2015-02-07

" A Good cigar that I am definitely going to add to the smoking rotation! Not my favorite but still fairly complex and rich "


On 2014-11-19

" Not my favorite robusto but very good cigar.Minor construction issues,especially tight draw, not pleasant at this price and size :-(
I keep some in the humidor as I like to smoke one from time to time. "


On 2014-06-19

" I was disappointed for the first ten minutes given the previous good ratings for this cigar, finding this rather one-dimensional, tho found it gained complexity as it approached half way. I was drinking mint tea with it so maybe a good scotch would alter the overall experience next time round. "


On 2013-04-11

" I tend to like robustos - thick enough for a cool draw. This one has been my favor. Not available in many countries. I think a Swiss edition a while ago was areal gem. This one is not a kicker albeit is rated near strong. For me it's a unique aroma is more important. "


On 2013-03-18

" Excellent draw and construction. Very spicy and medium to strong. Definitely not for beginners. "


On 2013-02-15

" This has been one of the most consistent Cubans I have smoked. I would not rate it a complex smoke, but still very impressive in draw, build, flavor. "


On 2012-12-28

" Smoked one of these for the first time, on Christmas Day. Draw was a little tight. I found it very spicy. Medium to strong, borderline strong. The strength went up and down in stages as it was smoked. Not sure how old the stick was. I've a few more resting in the humidor, so will see how slightly aged sticks compare. I wanted to rate it 3.5, but can't rate in halves. So it's a 3 for now. "


On 2011-06-30

" I've been reading some of the reviews on here and one that stands out is comparing this cigar to a partagas D4
Well in my opinion you can't because this cigar would rate more like a cohiba robusto than a D4
And to tell you the truth for the price and everything else involved I'd rather smoke this cigar than the cohiba robusto and positively over the partagas D4
I'm sure you can get a bad box of these but I haven't
They draw well burn great with plenty of smoke
And for the price let me think here.....................
half the price of the cohiba
I'm smoking these "

Massimiliano M.

On 2011-04-28

" A very complex robusto with leather and cinnamin notes. Very consistent, very smooth medium bodied lovely has always been a staple in my humidor. "


On 2010-02-20

" smoked outside, probably not fair to the smoke, good draw, will need to re-evaluate. "


On 2010-01-30

" Not what I remembered. The RASS was alot less flavor as compared to what I remembered. Burned a little uneven. Love the size. Love the box press presentation. Not a all time classic in my book. "


On 2009-01-02

" Very nice cigar with exceptional draw and nice spicy taste. I don't think it is fair for someone to compare this to the Partagas D No 4 in giving a rating because one should not expect this cigar to be as strong and complex as the Partagas. "


On 2008-12-20

" It's hard not to compare this cigar with the Partagas D No.4 It seems to posess the same earthy/raw qualities as the Partagas but does not have the same complex flavour and is not quite as strong. A good contender but not quite the winner I expected. "


On 2008-06-28

" Quite simply the best cigar I've had - and I've had many...including all of the top cubans. "


On 2008-06-16

" Few of my cigar buddies know this robusto and its a jewel. I love this one after a good grilled steak and red wine. It's rich tasting, similiar to, but more complex than my other favorite, Partagas series 'D' "


On 2008-03-26

" After trying seveal different bands, I think I've found the one!! I read the feadback from others and place an order based on that. The comments on this smoke were right on. I received my cab this morning and I know they should go in the humidor for aging but I had to try one right out of the box. All I can say is "Perfect" I smoked it down to the nub and wanted more. This is a must try smoke!! "

Paul Rebeiz

On 2007-09-22

" A well balanced Robusto with an acceptable flavour of havana. I always keep a box in my humidor... "


On 2007-04-24

" The lot I just received is excellent! Jul-06,These are the best non E.L. Robusto I have tried yet from 2006.All thing,s considered they are a better cigar than the Bolivar Royal Corona!You must try these.. "

Havana dave

On 2007-03-05

" believe it or not my first RASS was a disapointment. I rated it 3.0. I had more to smoke and it was evident that i had received a bad one which we all can atest to. Cuba is known for inconsistentcies to put it mildly. Smoking only one cigar of a certain brand and rating that cigar would be most unfair. The rest of the RASS are rated 4.8 "


On 2007-02-27

" These are a great value and my go-to cigars when I want a full Cuban taste. Seem to impress all my smoking clients, as well. Matches well with a peaty single malt. "


On 2006-12-12

" I must sy i tried it without expecting much but was extremely surprised by the whole cigar!!!
Contruction - good
Draw - Excellent !!!
Taste - it had a kick in the beginning but became very smooth and consitent all the way
I am extremely surprised by this robusto and would definately get more with time. "

On 2006-12-12


A great surprise !

very worth trying "


On 2006-12-08

" Very nice cigar, smoother than Partagas D4, yet still very tasty. A bouquet of nice flavours : including a strange (but nice) salty/spicy kind of thing :) Just bought a box of 25... "


On 2006-11-05

" A good robusto.Nice draw,contruction,flavor is mild and a good finish. "


On 2006-10-06

" When they're on, superb. A lovely Autumn smoke, as Richard says, but smoke em whenever you can. Benefit more than some others from a few months (or years if you can resist them!) in the humidor. "


On 2006-08-08

" After smoing many robustos I have to say that this is my favorite. The flavor is complex and superb, some coffee, nuts, cedar and a touch of spice. RA SS deliver good punch, power, with smoothness, more powerfull than Juan Lopez #2 and bit less harsh and spicy than D4s. Got them from Richard a few weeks ago, superb smoke, everyone should try these and have it in a humidor. "

Gar gombie

On 2006-01-20

" Wow! Strong and evolving flavor. Definitely that oldtime companion- steadily tickling my nosehairs- that nice lingerering force with a high gravitational coeff. It's funny how there's a bit of deviation from the 2005 ones I mysteriously obtained at this anonymous location. Yours are still as delightful, but I kinda want to age them a bit, if possible. Your stuff really seems meticulously cared for. Ours, 2005 Robinias also, were a bit darker and crunchy. But oily and without any degradation whatsoever. I don't think yours are green, but ours were a bit more maduro. Maybe it's a microbial thing? I still am full of gratitude! All my boxes were impeccable ( Bolivar, Robaina, Diplomaticos, and these.)! "

The General

On 2005-09-20

" A very fine robusto. Smooth to the finish. "


On 2005-09-12

" Ago, one more time..Cohiba $385 these $220 you tell me. Once again an unreal smoke. EVERYONE should have a few of these in their box no matter what else you smoke. "


On 2005-08-09

" Everything else about this cigar is great but I was most impressed by the fullness of flavor, so thick and creamy...and a very pleasant, long lasting aftertaste that reminds you that you smoked a premium cigar. The R.A.S.S. has a harmonius balance of flavors that complement eachother very well-coffee with subtle tanned leather, then cinnamon is invited along with nutmeg, a full house of multidimensional smoke. Any serious smoker should try this robusto!! Goes great with a nice steak dinner. "


On 2005-05-27

" Wow - just back from smoking one of these in the royal parks in central London. Amazing multi layered smoke, lots of taste, very 3 dimensional smoke. Lovely full meaty clouds. Contrary to some comments I would say they are little full bodied, took me by surprise when I stood up. Closer to Bolivar than Cohiba I would say. Everyone should try one, but possibly after a meal as apposed to sunbathing ;-) "


On 2005-05-06

" Well true to form I made another order of these wel priced smokes. The construction was much better and they really seem to grow on me as I am down to only a few sticks left I am thinking that I might just get another box of these they I think will become a stable in my humidor and just the right size to smoke sitting in traffic. If more people smoked these in their cars there would be less of a rush to get places "


On 2005-02-19

" Always the cigar I come back to. Very Vry nice. Anyone who has never tasted these and spends twice as much for Cohibas is really missing out. "


On 2005-02-16

" The smoke was a great smoke good body all the way through with a developing flavor throughout. the only down side was that the construction was a bit off. loose wrap and an uneven burn. These are the risks of a true hand rolled smoke. The quality of the smoke though will have me getting another box before I pass full judgement. "


On 2005-02-12

" After a few glasses of champagne and few glasses of Cabernet, this little gem of a stogie took my buzz to a whole new level...I tasted cinnamin and a frind of mine thought nutmeg, but both of us agreed...this one packs a mean punch. Thick rich smoke, perfect draw and ash. A blast to smoke...This one is now my favorite and will always be in my humidor...will be getting more Richard ...Thanks!!!


On 2004-12-16

" They have long been a standard in my humidor. A great day time smoke for the more experienced palate. "


On 2004-08-21

" I loved the flavors in this cigar, the spices alone kept my palate busy, but the hint of coffee, and every so often and very nice cedar taste/scent would emerge. This batch, however brought the rating lower, as they didn't burn too smooth. Nice, draw, large mouthsful of rich smoke, but they burned pretty hot. I look forward a box of "5's"! "


On 2004-08-12

" My first R.A.S.S., an incredible Robusto! Though the flavors of spice, cedar, some coffee, among others, are many, each is easily distinguishable in a palateful of some of the richest smoke ever. I think I like this at least as much as the Cohiba Robusto, and at $5.00, it's an absolute steal. "


On 2004-06-03

" received my order, packed to perfection by richard,
this robusto is a real value compared to the cohiba etc...
can go wrong with this, flavors of spice, espresso, cream soda, creamy coffee.
the best for the money


On 2004-04-07

" Outstanding!!! A truely fine robusto. Excellent aroma and taste. Great job Richard in the Quality of the box that your company sent to me. I will be purchasing many more of these. "


On 2003-12-08

" I have smoked a number of these be be sure I was not fooling myself. This cigar has one of the most alluring rich spicy aromas I have experienced. Great taste which builds to the last. Best robusto I have smoked this year. "


On 2003-09-18

" LG 2003-9-18
My most recent box of RASS were superb. Filled with coffee, nutty and spices. The second half of this meaty robusto was full bodied but complex and had a great draw which gave me lots of rich smoke. This cigar could be smoked in the morning with your coffee or after a light evening meal. Thanks for a great box Richard, LG "


On 2003-07-25

" There seem to be some great boxes coming through right now. Dark, oily wrappers, rich flavours. Needs time, then should be a lovely smoke. (Only negative - the most recent example was a little loosely filled.) "


On 2002-11-19

" My favorite robusto. Excellent construction and a perfect draw. Flavors that are uniquely mild yet powerful. Works well with a latte. "


On 2002-04-30

" a very complex robusto with leather and cinnamin notes.. this very consistent, very smooth medium bodied lovely has always been a staple in My humi. "


On 2002-01-17

" An amazing burst of flavors from start to finish. Full bodied, lots of smoke, espresso, cedar and spicy flavors. "

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