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Rates the Ramón Allones Small Club Coronas


TopCubans Past experience:

An exciting Très Petit Corona, loaded with character. This is a medium-full bodied cigar, rich in wood and coffee flavors. Smokes evenly and can be considered as a companion cigar for the more experienced aficionado. Attractive perfumes in a thick smoke !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2016-06-20

" After a two/three year hiatus from cigars (only one or two a year), I tried the Ramon Allones Small Club and back to smoking 1-2/week. The size, smoke, flavour combine for a great hour. Just ordered my second box of the year. Great value too! "

Mud Dog

On 2014-09-17

" Just got my first box of this cigar. Very mild. Even bur throughout. Mild even to the nub! What as wonderful short smoke! It was great with a glass of Blanton's Bourbon! I definitely recommend this for everyone. "


On 2014-07-05

" Great little cigar! Burn was good with an easy draw. Smoked this little guy all the way to the nub. Highly recommended! "


On 2014-06-26

" Worth buy and aging for a year or two. "


On 2014-06-26

" Smoking from a box from Oct-2013.
First Third, good wood flavour, young tobacco, good richness to flavours.
Second Third, Wood develops into soft coffee flavours.
Final Third, still rich with coffee becoming more pronounced.
Good cigar, slight bitterness/young tobacco throughout cigar. I would expect this to disappear with a bit of age. Should age well. "


On 2014-03-15

" Perfect! If you want a smooth demi corona with some serious character, this is the stick for you. First 1/3 and 2/3 are fantastic.

Partagas shorts are great for a powerful smoke, but this has some great flavours and is a little more mellow.

Get a box of shorts and a box these and you have your short smokes sorted. "


On 2013-12-22

" This cigar is one of the best small corona in the world. A perfect combination of flavor & strengh! "

Peter R

On 2012-03-09

" Had one of these a few months ago in Montreal Cigar Bar and just could not forget it. Beautiful spice aroma with nice draw. Starts off slow but very satisfying middle and end. Great quick smoke. Bought two boxes...Thanks Top Cubans. "


On 2011-07-19

" It starts off with with a slightly bitter taste. Within a few minutes the bitterness goes away to leave tastes of leathery tobacco and a sweet hint. The more I smoke the more mellow the leather becomes and the stronger the sweet tobacco becomes. This is an excellent cigar that gets better as you smoke, such a tragedy it has to end! "


On 2009-11-24

" great tasty little stogie, decent time of burn!! In gave my brother one of these little bad boys he fell in love, and for the price you cant go wrong, Highy recomended for the everyday smoker!!! "


On 2005-10-27

" Richard recommend this one to me when I was searching for the Demi-Corona that I would stock in my humidor. What a terrific recommendation. This cigar has a smooth start, a definite middle and nice finish - amazing smoke for such a small cigar. I will always have thise in my humidor. Thank you Richard. You continue to enrich my Cuban Cigar Experience. "


On 2005-10-08

" The old saying ,that all good things come in small packages rings true with demi corona. GREAT tasting must have! "


On 2005-08-17

" a top quality minuto , that you can smoke up to the end its really value for money "

Matt Risi

On 2004-03-30

" I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this cigar, the beginning smoke was a little thin, and lacked flavour. Later, still in the same 3rd of the length, the cigar righted itself and gave forth rich volumes of smoke, loaded with fine tobacco flavour. As it progressed, it gave coffee-flavours. Then to the end to my suprise it gave me woody and nutty flavours. A total smoke-to-the-stub cigar, I loved it. HIGHLY recommended to beginners. "

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