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TopCubans Past experience:

This Très Petit Coronas is in tune with the today’s smokers requirements. Exceptional construction, fairly rapid burning and loaded with flavors that will test the “cultural” diversity of your palate. Perfect for a daytime break, a lunch with friends or a moment of solitary reflection, this little Cohíba will suit the fast moving aficionado looking for quick moment of escape.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2015-09-17

" The taste and smell of this cigar is phenomenal. I rarely purchase Cohiba because of the cost and there are numerous great Cuban cigars available for less from Topcubans and I have usually been underwhelmed with other Cohibas, but this cigar has a clear, clean taste making it very enjoyable. Construction and burn was good, but nothing impressive. It's strength is in the most important factor: a simple but very developed and refined flavor. Will purchase again. "


On 2015-05-31

" I am not one of those who would say the siglo 1 is good value or not so expensive,in fact I think it is one of the most expensive cigars at this size,the other one I can think of now, is the cohiba maduro 5 of same size!!!!!
Still it is really good and this is good enough reason for me to give 4 stars.Price is to be blamed for not giving the fifth star :-) "

Alex Bryant

On 2012-10-11

" After I had this cigar a second time, I had to have a follow-up review. I was on an island called Nordeney in Germany, beautiful place so one should go if they get a chance. I was at a bar that was hidden away in a basement, but all the locals went to it because it's the only place tourists couldn't figure out. I had the bartender whip me up a white russian. I'll never know how he got the mixture so perfect, but it tasted magnificent. I lit up, and after 15min, I knew I made a great decision with this paring. I don't know why I ordered a white russian that night, but now I believe in universal pull, because thats is a moment I will struggle to find again. "


On 2012-01-22

" Sorry guys, but all those who say this is not worth the money or that the cheaper ones are better are mistaken. Taste is individual, but for my money Siglo I puts the others to shame. I have tried the cheaper alternatives and they are cheaper for a reason. That is not always the case but it is true here. Don't waste your money sampling. This is the gold standard of petit coronas "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-06-25

" I had very many hints of different woods. Enjoyed one with my dad and it did the trick. Good smoke "


On 2011-05-18

" Great little cigar full of creamy flavour but not worth the price tag petit princess or el principal are a better buy. "


On 2011-02-25

" brilliant!! "


On 2011-01-06

" Good Smoke "


On 2010-11-29

" Smoked my first one while on vacation in 2000. This is the cigar that sets the standard that all others are judged by, simply the best. Always in the humidor. "


On 2009-11-23

" little bit tight on the roll, at times i got some good flavors, not really what i expected from the cohiba family, the cuaba divinos beat the pants off this stogie
for the price and complexity!! "


On 2009-07-27

" Great cigar!!!!! an Cohiba family, powerfull, well tasted!!! "


On 2008-12-07

" A great cigar with a good cognac. One of the best around! "


On 2007-11-28

" Not strong not very demanding aromatic spices and wood, perfect to pass 40 minutes of pleasure. Good slow smoking. "


On 2007-04-17

" This is a great smoke when you don't have a lot of time, but don't want a bland simple cigar. It is not a Robusto strength smoke, but is very very nice in this category "


On 2006-12-14



On 2006-12-04

" This has become my favorite cigar. Its a perfect size for any ocasion. I absolutely love the taste. WOW Thank you Fidel !!!! "


On 2006-10-18

" I am very impressed with this cigar. Relatively cheap, but a good smoke, and the PERFECT length. After a night at bars, you can come home and smoke this cigar before you fall asleep, and not feel guilty for not being able to finish it. A great, practical smoke. "


On 2006-09-26

" Excellent draw and great for car or quick smoke. "


On 2006-06-27

" love this little cigar thanks "


On 2006-06-14

" If you cannot dedicate over an hour to smoking a cigar, this is your answer. A smooth spicy, well made Cuban with an even burn and flavorful to the end. Quality for Cohiba is throughout, outstanding. "


On 2005-10-24

" Even burn,full flavour and taste,constructed perfectly, one of the best. "


On 2005-08-12

" Perfect size, perfect flavour, just perfect. Really enjoy these smaller cigars. Very good quality. "


On 2004-09-29

" Pure cohiba flavor and aroma in a small package, dont let the size fool you this one packs a real punch, never bitter or harsh, just pure cohiba flavors and aromas.
this one and the siglo 1v are similar in flavor and aroma "


On 2004-04-09

" Great smoke in a small package! Flavorful and complex without being harsh. A great cigar to enjoy when time is a factor. A must have for every humidor. "


On 2002-07-06

" Excellent cigar! Lots of flavor and body for such a small smoke. The Siglo 1 was very well made and burned evenly to the end. Flavor complexity builds as you reach the halfway point, but the intensity remains balanced throughout. Highly recommended. "

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