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TopCubans Past experience:

We see in this cigar all the efforts of Cohiba over the past few years, placing quality over quantity. This Corona Gorda improves in production every year. Wonderful construction permits for an excellent draw and a timely even burn. Flavors of sweet pepper, musk and precious wood come and go in a graceful ballet of aromas. Right to its culmination, the cigar remains smooth and round. This Siglo goes beautifully with Indian or Cajun flavors.

TopCubans member's experiences:

Dave Taylor

On 2015-09-21

" I had a box in 2008. Three in their Aluminum covers. Each and every one of those was pure delight. Perfect balance of earthy, obvisously smoky, coffee like overtones mixed in nutty fruitness.

The burn was perfect and the feel was smooth and enjoyable.

I'd highly recommend. "


On 2015-09-14

" strong cigar one of the best. if you like strong taste "


On 2014-07-11

" Just ordered my second box of 25. Unmistakeable Cuban flavor that cannot be replicated by any other country. There is actually a slight sweetness to the smoke and the aroma is a pleasure to let linger in the nose. Oddly, I found the first half and the last quarter beautiful but the third quarter was a bid mediocre and a little harder to stay lit - hence only 4 stars. But this is merely quibbling and reserving the fifth star for perfection! "

Jackson S

On 2013-09-22

" I am finishing a box of 25s. Not every single is a start (some has excellent draw while others were not). Taste wise is good, creamy, nutty. A real nice brand but I would spend the money in getting a premium HdM, Monte or HUpM. try and decide for your self "


On 2013-09-15

" My first ever Cohiba and was in no way a disappointment. Felt great in the hand, looked good, the draw was lovely, lasted just the right amount of time and most importantly it tasted fantastic. A multitude of flavours combining to give a brilliant smoking experience. "


On 2013-08-03

" Every draw gives satisfaction - feel the Cohiba!. Rather quick burn so don't worry about not having enough time for it. A smooth and consistent burn. Ideal for anytime any occasion!. "

Alex Bryant

On 2012-08-03

" Follow-up. This is a cigar with tempo. Great pleasant smoke. But best of all, this is an old fashioned cigar. I can't help but want to wear a 3 piece suit while smoking these. It takes it's time and you just have to negotiate with it. This cigar is for an evening with your father after you just had your first child ,all day everyone has been telling you whats going to happen now, but he'll just sit back with you, not saying anything, and you'll both just know that this is a time to be relished and most of all, peaceful. "


On 2012-05-18

" one of the best smokes ive ever tasted... full of woody taste with some peppery flavour "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-11-07

" Very nice, recommend to everyone really. Grab some coffee and watch the leaves fall while u have this cigar. Very pleasant smoke "

Stevo in Dallas

On 2011-07-22

" Beautiful Cigar with an equally Beautiful Taste. Received a box as a gift!!!
thanks "


On 2011-02-25

" Nothing better!!! "


On 2010-11-22

" one of the best in this range.woody undertones more like cedar and crispy dry. very differant compared to most other cohibas which tend to be floral and grassy. great aroma and velvety smoke. i enjoy this after breakfast and cuban coffee. "

Mr. A

On 2009-08-25

" These cigars are like RIO de Janiero. People can tell you all about it but you really can't appreciate how great it really is until or unless you've try it. "


On 2008-05-04

" A complex cigar that is at it's best after spicy food, such as an Indian Madras. It is always consistent and never fails to live upto it's expectations of a luxurient smoke. Surely the king of cohibas?! "


On 2007-04-14

" "Richard" Thank you! These are fantastic.Full of flavor,perfect burn and draw, the price was reasonable.Hand,s down the best corona gorda I have ever smoked.These are a "MUST"for every humidor. "


On 2006-02-24

" This cigar is a very high class, rich smoke. At the end, the chocolate taste start. Very good cuban cigar ! "


On 2005-09-22

" This is the best cigar I have smoked. I just wish I had burn-proof fingers. Every one I've had, I smoked to the nub. No harshness, no bitterness. Just total pleasure.

Smokey Bob

On 2005-07-16

" Perhaps one of the best Cuban cigars, I highly reccomend it. "


On 2005-07-14

" This was the first cigar I ever smoked and I was blown away. Over the years I have smoked many more and the IV is still my love. "


On 2005-01-04

" This vitola has always been a favorite of mine, and I was partial to many brands until I tried the Siglo IV. It's tough to beat the spice notes and perfect draw, and the finish is all cedar. I would recommend this cigar to anyone, novice or afficianado. A finger burner and a nose-tickler! Sorry, San Cristobal La Fuerza, this beats you by quite a bit "


On 2004-11-14

" What an absolutely phenomenal smoke!! I've gone through a few boxes, and you guys are right... it's that classic and unique flavor that will draw you in. A bit pricey, yes. But you get what you pay for, which is one of the best cigars out there!! Thank-you so much, Richard. "


On 2004-09-29

" cohiba truly the essence of cuba, an unmistakable flavor and aroma, the cohiba aroma, those who smoke them know, those who dont, you dont know what your missing.
get them with at least one year aging, from the el laguita factory if possible
richard, youve outdone yourself again "


On 2004-04-30

" These are one of, if not my favorite cigars. Just what you would expect from a Habano - rich earthy, leathery, and woody flavor. Nice draw too! Perfect for your everyday smoke, and in a size that definately suits it well. The only reason it didn't rate a 5.0 was the appearance - a bit rough looking with veiny wrappers. "


On 2003-12-25

" This is one of the best cohibas you will smoke. the smoke is like velvet, and smooth. a great cigar. "


On 2003-08-26

" Nice complexity, even burn. Just enough spice. Rich smoke and nice construction. Great finish. "


On 2003-06-01

" I have a box of twenty five and i love these. Only a true cuban cigar can set you in the right mood, so freezoner tough luck for u. Let the real men smoke the cubans. I will buy another box. "

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