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Cohíba Siglo III

Name: Siglo III
Factory Name: Gran Corona
Ring gauge: 42
Length: 15.50 CM / 6.0 INCHES
Taste: Spicy

Strength: Medium

fullmedium to fullmediummedium to lightlight


Size: Corona

Double coronaLonsdaleChurchillDouble FiguradotorpedobelicosoRobustocorona gordacoronapetit coronaother

Cohíba Siglo III Cuban cigar

  TopCubans Experience:  I was brought up to love sweet desserts by my parents and later on in life this love of the sweet was transfered to my taste in cigars. This cigar is a favourite of mine, the Siglo III is my ultimate dessert cigar with its grilled vanilla, creamy-leather and spicy chocolate aromas. One of my lasting memories of this cigar was at a restaurant in Geneva (where the chocolate is amazing) where I had a chocolate fondant and then I sparked one of these Siglo III's up. The smoke was like a continuation of the dessert, wafts of deep chocolatey cocoa with a hint of chili and a dollop of Gruyere fresh cream. The crisp, silky, glistening wrapper of this cigar reminds me of chocolate glazing! Yep, I am a fan of this cigar and has a load of them in stock so give 'em a go ! Remember to have a sweet food or Sauterne wine with these Siglo III.  
TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2016-01-12

" This is a great cigar. From beginning to end. Wish it never ended. "

Alex Bryant

On 2012-06-29

" Very good stogie, I've learned to set a stogie down and appreciate each draw. This is one you'll definitely want to do that with. Enjoy it with a sweet drink and it'll be a treasured time. "


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