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Rates the Partagás Shorts


TopCubans Past experience:

This is a great Demi Corona, perhaps one of the best. Once tasted, many swear by it. Some supreme, spicy excitement, as well as a comfortable size make this cigar a very popular companion for aficionados. They can also make the ideal starter for those of you discovering the treasures of Cuba. I love the vague hints of fresh vanilla and smooth peanut that pervade the rounded smoke of the Shorts. These have no equal !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-03-24

" Simply unbeatable! Smoked down to the nub every time.
Power, character, spice, perfection. You do not appreciate this stick until you have another brand of Short cigar and realise that it does not have the same power and depth of character and flavour as a partagas short.

The issue in my prior review occurred because they needed some time to rest in the humidor. Viva la partagas shorts! "


On 2014-02-01

" Very powerful cigar. Lots of Spice. I smoked about 8 but will age the rest. I think this cigar needs to be aged to ease out the intensity. With some aging to mellow out the spice I think it could be a 5 star (w/out aging is 3.5 stars). Last 1/3 of cigar becomes almost bitter. Despite the heat, I keep wanting another one.

Will review again when aged. Don't have time for big cigars at the moment. Will try other petits as well to compare. "


On 2013-09-30

" A great 'short' smoke. Lasted approx 30mins. Spice and 'bang for your buck' with this one. Very nice coffee break! "


On 2013-02-19

" One of my all time favorites. The flavor is typical Partagas with a sort of sweet lightly toasted brown sugar flavor that is just fantastic. It's similar to the honey flavor from Cohiba but with less grassiness. I find these to be the perfect size and strength for any occasion. I rarely have time to smoke my larger cigars so these fit the bill perfectly. All Partagas cigars age well and the flavors will blend beautifully over time. I've never had any construction issues and I've smoke tons of cabs of these. The hardest part is not smoking all of these right away because they are very tasty. "


On 2012-06-11

" This cigar was like a punch to the mouth. Full of flavor for such a tiny thing. Definitely recommended "


On 2012-04-19

" My experience in Cuban cigars is limited, I have an embargo to deal with, thank the Lord I was turned onto Topcubans. This stick has it all, and it's so little; spice, body, and an after taste that can be enjoyed to you have to fire up another!! "


On 2011-12-05

" Definitely a strong cigar for a little guy and it really packs a punch. However I don't find the flavour to be very outstanding. The flavours are spicy and creamy, and lacks consistency from cigar to cigar. Amazing how long this burns... 45 minutes of pleasure "


On 2011-10-13

" WOW, a truly amazing cigar!!!! "


On 2011-08-15

" Talk about great things in small packages. I love the fact that i can enjoy a big cigar in a short. I enjoy this cigar almost daily. "


On 2011-03-10

" huge cigar given the size! need to be handled with care and not rushed otherwise the strength will be overwhelming. I bought a 50 cabinet and now they are 1 year old. Definitely worth the wait, the power has given space to a more chocolaty flavor. Will buy another once for aging "


On 2011-03-06

" Spicy to start then an almost subtle nutty flavor with a Spicy finish . They are full flavored throughout though and do pack a punch for a 11cm Cigar. Probably a bit to full ..I would give them a 3.5 but rounded to a 4 . The burned very very well and evenly... "


On 2011-03-03

" The Shorts come in good construction, with age it nears perfection for a demi corona with great suppleness at touch and feel. Once lit, these fellas produce great aromas and taste right up to the nub. Full bodied and luscious smoke from start to end. A great cigar to enjoy with coffee, do take at least half an hour to enjoy both and patience shall be rewarded really well even at mid-day! "

Augustinian Monk

On 2010-07-30

" Smoked one of these two days after smoking an R y J Cazadores in an attempt to recapture the moment in a short amount of moments. My mouth is on FIRE...The flavour was incredible, the smoke was so thick and luscious I kept looking at it's diminutive size in disbelief. The hour I spent smoking it was pure bliss, but the last 24 hours my mouth has felt like I got a mouthful of too-hot coffee. If it weren't for the burn, I'd give it a 10. 9.5 "


On 2008-09-06

" I got a box of 10 yesterday. I had to try one right away. The taste was awsome! The only problem was keeping it lit and it burned a little bad. But the taste made up for it!!!!!! "


On 2008-08-22

" I got a box of ten of Partagas Shorts from Richard and smoked my first one the very day I got them. Okay, so I'm impatient, but my eagerness to try one of these unrested little guys still afforded an awesome experience. Nice Go-To cigar. Bold and spicy, and works well with dessert and a cup o' Joe. In this case, raspberry cheesecake after a dinner of filet mignon. The Short could easily outshine Juan Lopez and his popular Brevas for a quick cigar fix. "


On 2008-08-05

" I just enjoyed one. What a awsome smoke. Thank you cuban gods....... "


On 2008-06-16

" The good ones are good and the bad ones won't stay lit. Definitely a full flavored little cracker! Perfect with a strong espresso. "


On 2007-11-18

" On the website it shows a comparison to the Montecristo #4, but it is not even close to being in the same league. I thought it was a nasty little devil! "


On 2007-04-10

" Good things come in small packages. "


On 2006-12-30

" Great little sports car comes on strong right out of the box and stays there loaded with honey and tea with sweet spice but where gloves burnt my fingers smoking this one to last 16th of an inch. "


On 2006-09-24

" Spicy. Pepper and cedar. An abundance of flavor. I think it needs some age to it though to bleed some of the vitamin N out. Shorts pack a headache producing punch if smoked if smoked under the wrong circumstances. "


On 2006-06-22

" "


On 2005-06-17

" What a smoke! Packs a big punch in a small package. Great smoke through to the end, shame it isn't bigger..... :) "


On 2005-05-03

" WOW...smoking pleasure sensory overload in a small package. I bought a cabinet of 50, and turned around and bought another the next week as I didn't want to be without them! A spice BOMB, with lots of pepper, cedar and some dark chocolate notes as well. Full flavored, and not for the faint of heart! The ten I've smoked have been perfect as can be, in all respects. My only regret is that they aren't petit coronas instead of demis...this in a five inch length would, well, probably hurt me, so I'll take 'em as they are!! A truly exceptional cigar regardles of it's size. Thank you Richard, as always, for taking the time to know your customers. PLEASE treat yourself to these in will not be sorry! "


On 2005-03-20

" My wonderful Wife Bought a few boxes of vitoles as a present to me for our anniversary and to my suprise these were among them. WOW what a fire cracker. I smoked 1 right out of the box and was unprepares for this short cigars flavors, Spice and more spice with smoke so thick I would not have believed it had I not been the one enjoying this cigar. Very Full Flavored! Most exceptional small cigar. Not for the inexperianced smoker Over all an outstanding smoke "


On 2004-04-23

" Great little smoke. Good draw and lots of flavor. There were a couple of tight ones in my box, however, the consistancy of the rest made up for it. A nice everyday treat. "


On 2004-04-02

" This is easily one of the finest cigars I have ever had. Perfect construction, full bodied. I will order 2 more boxes!! "


On 2003-09-23

" Excellent! Surprising presence and an aggressive nature for such a small cigar. A perfect "miniature" taste of the famous No.2. "

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