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Rates the Juan López Selección No. 1


TopCubans Past experience:

One of the hidden treasures of Havana, this Corona Gorda has a virtual cult following from those who have been smart enough to try it. Buttery, is how I would describe the sensation that smoothly takes you over as you voyage through the woody world of Havana. A wonderful light smoke adds to the relaxed feeling this cigar embodies. Go find that hidden treasure !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-09-23

" Great cigar. lovey mild taste with a good draw , burn perfectly, (must be smoked with care, like all good cigars!). But has really surprised me,in terms of elegasy, tase,and price. A cigar there really deserves a place in your humidor. "


On 2013-03-29

" This is more a spicy than woody. First one third is really goo but the lLas third is spicy and tight draw. "


On 2011-07-30

" Tried a sample and ordered a box for aging. Comparable to the Punch Punch but a bit stronger than the HdM Epicure 1. Creamy sweetness with woody tones. Very good construction. Great draw, even burn. Next to the PC, the CG size smokes are my favorites. I prefer 4+ years on the Corona Gorda, 4 years of daily temptation. "


On 2011-06-12

" Gold Medal for this magnificent cigar! "

Medicine man

On 2009-12-20

" very good consistent smoke underrated considering the price...... "


On 2008-08-12

" A hidden treasure. This cigar is full-bodied and deep with hints of leather and mocha. Reminded me at first of Partagas No. 4. Very linear in flavor with a bit of a boost at the end. So good, I just ordered more. "


On 2006-12-06

" Thank you Richard for the cigar gift. I must say it was very tasty . Iwill be purchasing more in the future. GREAT TIP "


On 2006-11-20

" Richard,Thank you for the gift cigar! This is not my favorite corona gorda,nice construction and burn,but lacking in power and rich creamy flavor.Try the Juan Lopez N.O.2 it,s a better cigar than the N.O.1. "


On 2006-08-28

" Very nice!!! Goes great with a red wine. "


On 2006-04-07

" This cigar has excellent flavors and draw. However, I did find the construction a bit suspect. No draw problems so far, but just cosmetic stuff. Very creamy and flavorfull cigar and I would recommend buying a box. They are a great value for the dollar. "


On 2005-08-22

" I haven't had a box of these in my humidor for several months, and I can't for the life of me figure out why I haven't ordered them! These Corona Gordas are in my top 2-3 of the viltola, along with Magnum 46 and Punch-Punch, and they have such a distinctive cedar and spice (and all things nice!)...I have had a couple consistency issues with them, but the richness of the smoke more than makes up for it. The finish is almost sweet to me, and has nice staying power. The tobacco tastes are very rich, and although they aren't too strong, they still have a full-flavored edge to them. If I had to use one word to describe the taste, it would be C-R-E-A-M-Y! Thanks, Richard and Rick! "


On 2005-08-10

" This is the first box of these outstanding corona gordas that I've ordered in at least a year, and I can't for the life of me understand why I haven't kept them in my humidor all the time. I do like full flavored cigars generally, but, this medium flavored habano will not disappoint even the fussiest of smokers! The tastes are SO good, SO pronounced, and this is by far the creamiest of all cigars in this vitola. I love this vitola, and if I had to choose just one, it would be tough, but I think the Juan Lopez would be it. For some reason, it is definately under-appreciated and doesn't get the props itshould be getting. (I guess that's okay, as soon as people start to realize how terrific this stick is, the inevitable price raise will occur. They are a very good value right now. complex spice notes, and the aforementioned "creaminess" along with coffee with lots of cream, as well as tons of rich smoke make this an ideal afternoon (or even and evening) cigar. The current box I have, JMZ-MAY.03 has shown me zero burn, draw or plug problems, and I've smoked almost 10 out of it. Construction is great, as well as the in the hand feel, all in all a great little package that will hold your interest for a least an hour. I recommend this to almost any cigar smoker, including those that are dead set on smoking very full-flavored cigars only. I think you will be very pleasantly surprised with everything about this often overlooked Habano. "


On 2005-08-06

" My first box in over a year, and I now realize that this needs to be in my humidor all of the time. I love the taste of this cigar! To me, lots of spice and cedar with a woody finish that is very pleasant and long-lasting. A totally creamy smoke that would get a constant 5 from me if they could only be more consistent in construction. Some draw and burn issues are the only things that deter me from giving this the ultimate score. This box is from JMZ-MAY.03, and I smoked one the day they arrived! Thanks, Richard! "


On 2005-07-27

" A mild and flavoursome Corona Gorda. Richard put me onto these at five years old and they're wonderfully mellow. Not powerful enough for after a hearty meal, but a wonderful summer afternoon smoke, perhaps with a light beer or Jasmine Tea? "


On 2004-05-12

" I think the best Corona Gorda on the market. Not unlike the Magnum 46 but for my money richer and fuller flavoured without losing any of it's creamy sweetness. "


On 2003-04-23

" again a wonderful c.gorda, compairable with S.L.R.Serie A, Hupmann Magnum 46 or Punch Super Sel.Nr.2, a beautiful long lasting Cuba-taste even more simple to enjoy than above mentioned puros "

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