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Rates the Cohíba Secretos Maduro 5


TopCubans Past experience:

With a wrapper that has been aged for 5 years and guaranteed to be of Maduro shade, this cigar impresses at first sight. In my view, the Secretos is the best of the new Maduro line at this time. Challenging and direct, this is a powerful break time cigars, full of rich beany, peppery aromas.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-10-25

" Not the cigar for someone who wants to see for the first time what Cohiba is all about,but for what it is, this is a great cigar. Four stars, only because (for me at least) it is too expensive for such a small cigar.I keep 4-5 in the humidor though. "


On 2013-01-22

" Dark, deep and mature. Hints of pepper and spice. Started off slightly full, then mellowed to medium, then picked back up to being fuller (no harshness at all). Perfect draw. A decent little 45-minute smoke! Looks exquisite. It was my first time trying one, and my next purchase will be a 10 box. "


On 2010-10-18

" V.Good Taste "


On 2009-08-24

" A cute little not quite pocket rocket. Beautiful initial ash, and leathery, spicy complexity. Treat her right, and don't hot box her, and you'll be rewarded with creamy vanilla notes in the middle third. Great finish for a lit cutie that will tempt you to burn your fingers. Demerits for an uneven burn, but that may have been due to my mistreatment in transit. Nothing not to like, I simply prefer to spend more time with a smoke. "


On 2008-04-06

" induced by favorable comments I ordered a box of these. Good draw but see flavor of no identity .This might be true for all cohibas i smoked recently. Recalling vanished good old 90s!


Rob "Nottiman"

On 2008-01-23

" These are proof great things do come in small packages. I thoroughly enjoy this cigar and want to smoke one almost everyday for breakfast...and they're perfect with a cup of coffee. I've smoked three or four since I received them and they've all been a real treat. I'm anticipating my next one...
Too bad Tracy had such an unpleasant experience with his Secretos, I hope he gives them another chance. "


On 2007-09-20

" The new Cohiba Mad 5 Secreto is a totally great short smoke with all the class and elegance of its brethren Cohibas. Yet it's mellower and sweeter with a more subtle style imparted by the aged Maduro wrapper. Perfect construction and burn with a just-right draw. I know Andrew is right that this will be great in a few years, but - damn - it's very very good right now! "


On 2007-09-19

" I love trying different cigars as the craving for the "holy grail" of a fabulous cigar is a never ending quest. I smoke sveral daily and have done so for over 20 years now. I rated this smoke low because of its terrible draw. You may want to try some for their flavor, but the frustration of drawing and sucking so hard on a small guage cigar will ruin the occasion. I'd possibly let them dry a bit to see if that will loosen then tight roll up, as I do on the Monte No. 4's that are too tightly rolled. Richard, I must say you have the finest service available worldwide. Kudos to you on the 2 - 3 day shipping to my front door! "


On 2007-08-01

" Absolutely fantastic. This cigar is more worth the price than any other Cohiba I've smoked, counting maduros, ELs, and the regular line. This cigar started very creamy, with flavours of coffee, and developed nicely to a sweet cedar finish. This is what the EL2006 should have been, and was so close to being. The 0.5 missing from the score is to account for the fact that these cigars will be divine with a few years of age. "

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