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Rates the Bolívar Royal Coronas


TopCubans Past experience:

This stout, squared off chap takes on the sweeter aspects of Bolívar, developing generous woody and spicy flavors in an easy and comfortable manner without ever being aggressive. Perfect cigar for a long summer afternoon with fellow aficionados. I like to have Royal Coronas ready to hand when I have my annual family reunion BBQ, just to lighten the mood a bit and they compliment chicken dishes so well !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2015-06-04

" I just can't imagine a humidor without them.
Royal corona they call it, for me it is simply a Royal Robusto !!!!! "


On 2015-01-14

" What an Amazing Cigar!!! Smoking Cubans since three years at a rate of 2 per day had a couple of dissapointments with other Bolivar vitolas before! But when I tried this two months ago!! WOW one of my top 3 definitely! I fire four a week on average! tried with Coffee, Single Malt, Cognac, and Dark Rum it tastes perfect with all "


On 2014-04-19

" This is one of my favorite cigars. Medium to full body, easy smoke, enjoyable to beginner or longtime aficionados. My issues with all the Cuban cigars is that you always get 5 cigars in box that are hard as a rock. Nothing can be done to fix it. That said I love these cigars "


On 2013-08-10

" Their are more complex cigars, but for a pure cuban experience, the best. Bar NONE. The charbroiled cheeseburger of the cigar universe. "


On 2013-01-19

" Agreed with one the comment below. none of one in same class come close to this. Very smooth and gives a warm up sliky taste at the beginning, then becoming a little complex and getting more spicy towards the 3rd. enjoy!!!! "


On 2013-01-09

" Awesome cigar.well worth the money.great draw every time.fantastic flavours that change through the smoke..will defo purchase more for my humidor "


On 2013-01-06

" Have only been smoking Cubans for the last 5 months, but have tried at least 20 different cigars in that time. None has come close to the Bolivar Royal Corona. No matter what the weather, this Bolivar has been perfect each time. Always an easy draw and wonderful creamy & spicy flavours. It is the perfect size at an amazingly affordable price. Get yourself a box as soon as possbile. They're great straight out of the box, but just perfect after a couple of weeks in the humidor. ENJOY! "


On 2012-07-21

" Just got my order yesterday and wanted to wait to fire up a stick till it rested a few days. Needless to say, I couldn't wait. from top to finish it was a great stick. The draw was excellent and it started mellow and ended with a little spice. Excellent burn and held a 1.5 inch ash most of the way.
Plus for $199 what can I say. "


On 2012-04-19

" I was a cuban virgin, because of THE embargo, I've had to limit myself to Caribbean based cigars. Thank you Topcubans for allowing me to experience what makes these cigars special. Power (for sure) Body (without a doubt) TEXTURE (seconded to none). Yep, good stick!! "


On 2012-04-05

" Just incredible...rates right up there with the Cohiba Robusto and at half the price..burnt my fingers on this one ....Nice... "


On 2012-03-07

" Maybe had a bad one, great taste but very tight draw and couldn't enjoy it, very disappointed. Happens every now and them though, rough with the hand rolled smooth. "


On 2011-03-09

" I would say a full body cigar not for a first timer. Excellent cigar to have in the humi will buy over and over again a must try for anyone. If you full body full flavored cigar try these you will not be disapointed. "


On 2010-07-01

" What you expect from the brand. Strong with tastes of leather, spice and soil. Rich, dense smoke. Does take some experience as its strong taste could sour if you overheat it by using too much flame or too many repeated draws. By no means a simple smoke, but rewards your attention. "


On 2010-04-04

" my first cuban experience and what a great one to choose. i would buy a box of these in no time. smooth all the way down and what a great taste. "


On 2010-04-01

" This is the cigar for aficionados - its strength is amazing. Along with the flavour and the almost near perfect draw every time. When you have finished - you are left satisfied and ready to go home! "

Nikos doc

On 2010-03-02

" Exhellent cigar great complexity,heavy smoke.really old school cuban!!! "


On 2010-02-11

" Every additional day in the humidor these improve. A powerful and heady smoke with rich coffee and chocolate flavors. An effortless draw and sublime aroma. They get better daily, but I can't seem to wait. "

Henrique Cassis

On 2009-01-19

" Powerfull , well bodyed, large smoke, beautifull!!!
This cigar is an excelent cuban!!! "


On 2008-06-28

" Excellent smoke. I poured myself a drink, plopped into the hammock strung between two fruit trees in my back yard, lit up this stogie and enjoyed a nice California summer afternoon. This was my first time with the Bolivar Corona, and what a treat. As Richard says, the boldness of its woody and spicy notes is marvelously kept in check throughout the entire smoke. A perfect balance. Does it get any better than this? Maybe if I were resting in a hammock in Tuscany! "


On 2008-04-24

" Wow! Just wow! An absolutely amazing cigar! By far one of my favourites! "


On 2007-12-10

" Fantastic!!! Heaven baby!!
Smooth,packed with sweet spice and with great draw. This will only get better in the humidor. "


On 2007-08-01

" A gorgoeus Robusto with a soft easy draw. The fullness is well disguised and the finish is long, getting better with each cigar. #1 by Afficianado Mag and certainly an "any time of day smoke" for me! "


On 2007-05-01

" Great smoke hooray for Havana "


On 2007-04-17

" This cigar is a really great smoke. It's got all the complexity, flavor, and balance that make it a substantial smoke without being a biter. Right there with the Monte #2, almost... But a real favorite still. It's got a bit different taste than the Monte or Cohiba, a nice difference "


On 2007-03-25

" 4timer and chad44 are right with this one thank your note that was right .on. thank for the note, buck "


On 2007-02-26

" As an experiment, smoked one of these from a box dated Dec 05 and one from a box dated 6/06 side by side,, both from Richard. The extra six months aging seemed to have the effect of smoothing out the harshness(greenness?) of the younger cigar. This isn't unusual and just emphasizes the need to age good havanas. By the way, chad44 is absolutely correct. "


On 2006-10-18

" Richard was nice enough to give me a sample of this guy with a box of Cohibas, and it is one of the finest I've ever had. "


On 2006-09-08

" A nice robusto! Though very young,they are just a little harsh,excellent draw,flavor,and finish.The price was great.. "


On 2006-07-27

" the best robusto period.....don't waste your money on cohiba robustos... "


On 2006-07-09

" After my first box I realized I rated these too low initially. 5.0 and climbing! Better than the D4. Gets my vote for best robusto for 2006! My favorite cigar. "

Bob G

On 2006-07-05

" This was a most pleasent surprise smoke. I bought them when they were on special and was very impressed. Nice dark wrapper, great draw and wonder flavor. I think I need to get some more! "


On 2006-06-08

" I just got a box of these and my first impression is usually my best one so here goes.. The construction is near classic quality - beautiful wrapper, effortless draw, great burn. The favor on this cigar is unique and unlike any I've ever had. Antique wood and deep earth - like you would find in older cabernets. The blend is as smooth as the Siglio 6 and so is the finnish, a novice would have no problems with this one. Better than the Cohiba rubusto and Vegas Famoso. Wouldn't be surprised if this was an award winner. This is just a great effort by Bolivar and made a beautiful summer's night even better. Thanks for turning me on to the free stick Richard. "


On 2006-03-26

" If you like the Belicosos from Cabinet, you will love the Royal Corona. My last set from Richard were SCO-LE00! They reminded me of the way Dunhill's humidor smelled when I was a boy. "


On 2006-01-20

" One of the best Robustas to come out Cuba....Purchase while you can. "

Passionate afficianado

On 2005-11-12

" To say this robusto is perfect just doesn't do it justice...I can't find the words to describe the joy derived from experiencing a 5 year old Bolivar R.C., all I can do is say thank you for the outstanding box, THANKS!! get them before they're all gone! "


On 2005-07-29

" If you enjoy your smoke with food, this cigar absolutely cannot be beat. By itself, it's hard to say which one I'd choose between the Jaun Lopez Seleccion No. 2, But I would Highly recommend this Robusto to any serious aficianado. My favorite Bolivar. "


On 2004-11-27

" An epiphany! I only knew in advance this would be full flavored...but it's so much more. Perfect, lush draw, with mouthfuls of rich cedar and dark-roasted coffee bean flavors, to name only a couple...very complex tobacco flavors (to my palate), with a finish that is unparalled in any robusto I've smoked. ABSOLUTELY the best robusto I've smoked, (sorry, Cohiba) I can truly call it a finger burner, because that's exactly what I did, with zero harshness from beginning to the (Very) end. I couldn't be more pleased, Richard, thank you!!! "

Benny (Jakarta Indonesia)

On 2004-08-19

" I just smoke this cigar and I feel good and can get along with this robusto size "


On 2003-04-19

" "


On 2002-09-25

" A very good robosto, my everyday cigar. I smoked over a box to date and have been lucky not to expierence above rating problems. Medium body smoke with excellent taste that lingers on your palate. Highly recommended "


On 2002-07-13

" Sounds like some folks got a few bad apples. Luckily, my experience has been better. Nice wrapper, lit well and burned evenly to the end. Great draw! Smoked it down to an inch and it never got harsh. Great full-flavored smoke (but no bite) with notes of coffee, undergrowth, leather, and more. All in all a great smoke. Good price, too. "

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