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Those Cigars Difficult to Find Which we Can Make Available to All our Fans Around the World

Cuban cigar : Cohíba Piramides Extra 2012 Production (box of 10)

Cohíba Piramides Extra 2012 Production (box of 10)

Our favourite Cohibas have been hard to come by this year, due to huge global demand and not enough supply to keep up! We at Topcubans pride ourselves on having the best network and ability to make things happen and we are pleased to offer a wonderfully popular cigar, the Piramides Extra from 2012, so a lovely amount of aging makes this ready to smoke and well in its prime! We have only limited boxes so get your orders in soon, this will make a wonderful Christmas present for any cigar fan.

Cuban cigar : Partagás Maduro No.1 (box of 25)

Partagás Maduro No.1 (box of 25)

A hard to find cigar, this 2015 release into Casa del Habanos stores has now made its way to Topcubans' shelves. A gorgeous dark wrapper and a very consistent draw and bold smoke make this a superb Partagas for your collection.

Cuban cigar : Montecristo Dantes Edición Limitada 2016 (box of 10)

Montecristo Dantes Edición Limitada 2016 (box of 10)

A long luxurious looking Montecristo, this cigar is one of the limited editions from 2016 for the brand and goes straight into the premier league. Very difficult to find, but we like to think our pull is such that we can get what our clients are after! A fabulously smooth cigar with tons of interesting flavours to keep the most experienced smokers enticed!

Cuban cigar : Cohíba Siglo V (AGED 2009 Productions) (box of 25)

Cohíba Siglo V (AGED 2009 Productions) (box of 25)

Here at we like patience because patience equates to quality, it does take three years to make a cigar from scratch! Patience is a mantra in the world of quality cigars and that is why we have waited 8 years to bring these 2009 specials to market! This is a pure Lonsdale with outstanding construction and a tender, tactile look. I once spent six hours with a Siglo V in my hand because it felt so right, I couldn't pryse my fingers from the stick for fear of loosing its cushioned, therapeutic touch. When I lit that cigar I felt like it had become part of me.

Cuban cigar : Partagás Serie D No. 4 (AMO MAR16) - Laguito factory  (box of 25)

Partagás Serie D No. 4 (AMO MAR16) - Laguito factory (box of 25)

Those in the know all know the finest factory in Cuba is the Laguito factory, usually reserved for making the limited edition cigars and the Cohiba branded cigars. Being 1 company, Habanos occasionally do make regular production cigars in El Laguito and we have managed to get hold of some very fine cigars, all with boxcode AMO MAR 2016. So these are still quite young, but mighty fine cigars for aging and giving that prestige to your collection. As you may have noticed, El Laguito factory cigars are harder and harder to come by, but at Topcubans we are all about giving our clients access to the mysterious world of Cuban cigars, and we hope you enjoy these extra special Serie D No.4s!

Cuban cigar : La Gloria Cubana Glorias Germain Regional Production 2015 (box of 10)

La Gloria Cubana Glorias Germain Regional Production 2015 (box of 10)

**OUT OF STOCK** This 2015 German Regional is now primed for smoking! The Glorias again are only available in 6000 numbered boxes and one can expect a floral and lighter experience than the Bolivars from 2016. A nice size for outdoors, it feels great in hand and makes for a perfect Summertime gift to a friend - or for Father's Day!

Cuban cigar : H. Upmann Sir Winston (box of 25)

H. Upmann Sir Winston (box of 25)

**OUT OF STOCK** A special tribute to the British grandee, it exudes exceptional quality and first class presentation. This is a big smoke, for a big smoker and should be handled with caution I don't want any of you aficionados turning green on me! Deep, rich foods and heavy, heady wines and liquors, form a divine symbiosis with this most 'Sir Winston' of Churhills. A must try for anyone who is passionate about cigars!

Cuban cigar : Punch 48 (box of 10)

Punch 48 (box of 10)

**OUT OF STOCK** Another Casa Habanos release it has those wonderful woody oaky flavours with quite a bit of kick at the end. For a limited edition cigar, these are excellent value.

Cuban cigar : Bolívar Tesoro German Regional Production 2016 (box of 10)

Bolívar Tesoro German Regional Production 2016 (box of 10)

**OUT OF STOCK** Germany often gets some interesting regional limited editions and we thought we would bring those to you, our ever-loyal clients. These are the 2016 Tesoros, with a wonderfully oily wrapper that exudes strong Bolivar aromas. Only 6000 numbered boxes produced, these are highly popular for our collector clients looking for a bold evening smoke!

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