Buy Cuban Cigars on-line
Buy Cuban Cigars on-line

Milder Cigars for the Summer Sun!

Cuban cigar : Punch Punch-Punch Cab 50 (box of 50)

Punch Punch-Punch Cab 50 (box of 50)

A go-to cigar as it won't let you down. Great construction and combustion makes this a solidly reliable stogie. Complex intonations of oaked wine and dried fruit meld harmoniously on the palate with butterscotch and leather making this one a lovely little cigar for the Summer Sun.

Was $ 526

Cuban cigar : Hoyo de Monterrey Hermosos No. 4 Añejados (box of 25)

Hoyo de Monterrey Hermosos No. 4 Añejados (box of 25)

This beautifully made robusto wears a fine cap and an oily wrapper. The smoke has a floral quality, balanced by elements of wood, almond and touches of vanilla bean. A wonderfully aged cigar, with perfect construction and not overpowering for your Summer vacation.

Was $ 355

Cuban cigar : Fonseca No. 1 (box of 25)

Fonseca No. 1 (box of 25)

The light woody aromas make this cigar a firm favorite at this time of the year. Always with you but without ever getting in the way, the Fonseca No.1 is a pleasant and relaxing smoke. Very reasonable cigar for the cost and for this fair time of year.

Was $ 166

Cuban cigar : Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchills (box of 25)

Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchills (box of 25)

Small companion cigar from Romeo y Julieta. Very tasty, without ever dominating, the Petit Churchill is ideal for a day time smoke or for the novice smoker. A luscious treat of a cigar.

Was $ 216

Cuban cigar : Vegas Robaina Famosos (box of 25)

Vegas Robaina Famosos (box of 25)

Got everything going for it, elegance, strength, size and quality flavour. It is the perfect partner in crime to take to the beach and enjoy a quality afternoon smoke.

Was $ 243

Cuban cigar : Cohíba Robustos (box of 25)

Cohíba Robustos (box of 25)

The best Robusto on offer in our book, an extravagant but worth-it indulgence in the final weeks of Summer. Mild to start but a bold finish. If you are searching for the money shot - this one is for you!

Cuban cigar : Por Larranga Picadores

Por Larranga Picadores

A different band to go with this cigar, it is another beautiful lighter cigar for perhaps the smoker who is either early on in the day, or who is not so confident at such a big bold smoke. Sweet notes are present as light peppery ones. Quite creamy and will develop well over time.

Cuban cigar : Diplomaticos No.2 (box of 25)

Diplomaticos No.2 (box of 25)

Try a box of these alongside the Montecristo 2. A husky little beauty, this torpedo has just as impressive credentials as its cousin, you would be silly not to try this cigar and at a top price.

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