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Rates the Vegas Robaina Unicos


TopCubans Past experience:

What a generous Torpedo cigar! If you like raw and ‘Cuban-ist’ sensations, you will prefer the Unicos to any other Torpedo shaped cigars. It’s generous and well-balanced, with all the spirit of Robaina: round and suave, with a touch of roasted coffee beans. It’s a Torpedo, but at times a bomb! If you can find a nice old Armagnac to go with this Unicos, the rest of the world will slowly melt away!

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2016-04-19

" simply the best "


On 2015-08-18

" picked this up at the factory in havana. it was in a variety pack picked out by our tour guide. thanks to this site i now know the name. my fav cigar so far! "


On 2013-12-28

" Smoked more then a few of these in cuba recently. they were one of the best cigars i have ever had. I have been smoking different brands for about 15 years now and these were the top cigar i had ever tasted. "


On 2011-06-20

" What a wonderful Torpedo, I think its better than Monte2 and Upmann2. You must have this in your humidor! "


On 2011-04-25

" strong towards the midline "


On 2010-06-26

" This is definitely one of THE top torpedos', I agree with the other reviews about this being on par with the Monte #2, if not better! A magnificently satisfying smoke. I may have to change my name to johnnyvegas now!! "


On 2010-02-23

" Forget the Montecristo #2. This cigar stands on its own two legs, and no legacy. Smoked 4, all great. Thanks Richard "


On 2009-03-13

" This is a fantastically great cigar, absolutely my 'goto'. "


On 2008-12-10

" very good taste with an excellent draw. "


On 2006-12-06

" A supurb torpedo. Very old school flavors.2,nd only to humpman#2. EXTREAM pleasure can be derived from this masterpiece. "


On 2006-05-05

" I have been trying to find "my cigar" for ten years, this is it. "


On 2005-06-13

" One of the greatest I've ever smoked. Very subtle taste, persistent. "


On 2005-04-18

" Amazing smoke! One of the best I've had. "


On 2005-03-29

" beautiful burn, very spicy..i want to exchange all my Monte#2's "


On 2005-03-07

" Almost equals the MonteCristo no.2...could I make a better compliment? "


On 2005-03-01

" Monty's cousin...just a little lighter. Well made, very even draw, rich smoke, some spice and lots of nice wood. Highly recommended! "


On 2005-01-28

" WHAT A BOMB ! It's amaizing, easy to smoke and flavourful !TGIMonte2... "


On 2003-09-15

" Beautiful dark oily wrapper, good even burn and nice draw. After 6 months in the humidor a little on the earthy side with a hint of dark chocolate. I think it needs a bit more aging, will revisit in another 6 months to see if there is a better melding of the flavors. "


On 2003-01-08

" "


On 2003-01-08

" prefer this torpedo over Bolivar ,R&J and Monte
just a terrific flavor and restarts well "


On 2002-01-21

" Great flavor, and not a bad draw in the box! Far superior to the MC #2 in my opinion. "

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