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Rates the Cohíba Siglo II


TopCubans Past experience:

A character amongst the Siglo family. This Petit Corona sometimes seems out of place amongst it’s illustrious brothers. But Cohíba have worked extra hard to give this feisty fellow a character all of its own. A wonderful silky, oily wrapper encompasses a cigar fired up with spicy, woody flavors masterly combined, which makes this little cigar a real treat to the senses. I had the pleasure of being offered one of these by my work colleague, Rick,we had a glass of Cognac after work and chatted about the days events and the Siglo II really complimented the heady Cognac to perfection.

TopCubans member's experiences:

Twice-A-Month Smoker

On 2015-05-11

" I really like the Siglo II. Smooth draw the whole way through. Great taste. Perfect size. "


On 2014-04-05

" Draw, flavour, smoke production = perfect "


On 2013-06-30

" Taste is good, especially when it blended with some whisky, different spirit, different taste. "


On 2013-06-04

" I smoked 3 of these from a 2009 box within the last month. These are the benchmark petit corona/mareva. These are well constructed, very attractive looking cigars. Some of mine show some slight veining but all are beautiful. Lots of smoke from start to finish, good draw, a little towards the tight side if any complaints. The 3 I smoked were consistent. All 3 burned evenly, took me about 50-60 minutes to smoke. Far more complex flavors than Monte No. 4. "

Hans brenkett

On 2013-05-26

" Agree with Wilson! Even a corona size could satisfy me in a demanding weekend! "


On 2013-05-09

" Cohiba is never dissapointing you!. This mid one is never overpowering but rich taste, aroma and fabolous intennse!. Just not too much but enough to keep an enjoyable hour!. Highy recommended for a lunch break smoke. !


On 2012-10-19

" It's me again. My God this is a delicious smoke. The best I have ever had and I have tried all the Cohibas. Your search is over. This is the one. "

Sallly baby

On 2012-08-11

" The best all around cigar I have had. goes with any environment.. golf,scothch,. My surefire go to! "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-10-14

" Not gonna lie fellas, I had a girl on my lap holding the cigar for me and fed it to me when I so asked. Honestly, I'm going to say that's the best way to enjoy one. But complimented it with coffee and some good conversation. It was a great smoke. "


On 2011-03-24

" Just went through my second box. This is the greatest, most silky smooth, most excellent cigar in the world. Absolutely flawless except it burned my fingers when I tried to take the final draw. I dare you to try it! "


On 2011-01-16

" Siglo IIs are like smoking creamy silk. They are delicious from first puff to last. Everyone I have smoked has been a "finger burner" as I take the last drag to the end of the cigar. Have some port with one of these and realize how great life can be. "


On 2010-11-23

" i just went through a box marked LREMAR09, purchased in cuba last year. a little vegetal and grassy. a hint of spice but nothing like trindad colonials. a soft finish and a great noon cigar and i need more of these. "


On 2010-07-24

" Smoking one of these right now on the back patio in the summer nights of Arizona. This smoke is silky smooth, even burning with no off flavors. There are predominant aromas of wood and coffee and a slight hint of earth tones present. A good 30-45 minutes of smoking enjoyment will be added to your life. "


On 2009-06-18

" Great buy for the money spent "


On 2009-01-15

" the smell of a cohiba is unbeatable, and this was no exception. A great smoke. "


On 2008-05-04

" Smooth as chocolate milk "


On 2006-12-13

" Great smoke much like its little brother Siglo I i find it to be excellent. The only diffirence is.... its slightly longer and i get to enjoy more of it !!!!! "


On 2006-07-14

" These little jewels are dynamite. Extremely well put together and great flavour. Truly, one the best smokes I have ever encountered. Get you some of these or you will be missing out. Thanks Richard! "


On 2005-02-14

" Great cigar. The earthy notes are why I enjoy this cigar. Good burn. Great aroma. I'm glad I was turned on to this one. "


On 2005-01-28

" I always have one with me... The last I smoked was this morning in my car! "


On 2003-11-30

" This is without a doubt my favourite cigar in this size range. The classic flavour, its coffee and caramel hints make this an incredible smoke. This is absolutely worth a try. "


On 2003-07-17

" I purchased a box about two months ago...the very first cigar was all that I expected and more. The smoke was flavorful and smooth. Not too strong yet strong enough. I love these cigars! I defintely plan to order another box. "


On 2003-07-03

" The Siglo IIs I bought at the dutyfree shop (217 euro) at CDG areoport in Paris on my way to Florence were wonderful. Construction: excellent, draw: smooth with copious volume of smoke, flavour: typically, an aromatic smoke with a full body and a smooth finish. They combined well with the local wines and grappa of Tuscany. Not too strong but also far from mild. May be the perfect everyday smoke for some. "


On 2003-03-20

" A delightful cigar that has been consitant with an even draw and beautiful arroma. Those that lean toward the coffee,nutty,earthy tobaco taste will enjoy these. I found that they age excellenlty and with a developing bloom are ripe for the picking. "

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