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Rates the Partagás Serie P No. 2


TopCubans Past experience:

Winner of the DFNI Product Awards in the Tobacco Category for the Best Tobacco Launch in 2005. Partagás power in a Torpedo. Great spicy cigar that develops in power and rich aromas throughout the smoke.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2016-05-25

" Ordering P2's has become a reflex, they seem to find their way into every order I put in. For me this is the perfect cigar. Not just great value but a great smoke. "

Big V

On 2016-03-29

" For my palate, the Partagas P 2 is a delicious smoke of high-quality construction. Its full, robust flavor has a nice spiciness and always burns evenly. "


On 2015-08-29

" I have tried so many others, but always go back to this cigar. "


On 2015-05-29

" best smoke I can remember having. excellent cigar! "


On 2013-09-30

" Next to the San Cristobal that they dont make anymore--this is 2nd "


On 2013-06-03

" Usually I'm a Series D #4 guy, but this was probably the best Partagas I've ever had. Nice long burn, smooth, great flavor. Will definitely be looking for a case of these soon. "


On 2012-02-28

" Best cigar EVER!!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!! "


On 2011-10-06

" This cigar is a real treat, and is a go-to unit for me. "


On 2011-08-23

" Nice smoke for evening, after a good meal. Average veins, nice construction, good cap, and even burn all the time. Tastes of nuts, caramel, and some earthiness with a semi-sweet finish. Not harsh at all, when you take your time. Inch and a half to two inches on the ash. Still working on a box from 2010 and plan to get more. "

Big Daddy

On 2011-05-16

" Very smooth for a full bodied cigar. Slow, even burn with a hint of spices with a slightly sweet finish. "


On 2011-02-20

" Great draw, strong and full bodied taste leaning towards a spicy note. Good construction though in some cases produces an uneven burn. Despite that, it's a very exciting and mesmerizing stogie to smoke. Great company to a single malt whiskey! "


On 2010-12-23

" This torpedo is one of my favorites. Not a novice's cigar due to its strength. Let these boys sit for 6 months and they get better every day. My go to cigar. "


On 2009-03-27

" I have to say that this is one of the best cigars I've tasted. Hoyo is my usual brand but this vitola's taste and complexity is stunning! Not a starter cigar but all the better for it. Got a bit harsh towards the end or it would've got top marks! "


On 2009-03-08

" This P NO.2 was clear winner in my own 10 cuban
cigar testsmoking. At first i thught that it is too strong to me, but like my note tells
the Torpedo did suit me exellent...and will be. "


On 2008-09-08

" Yes, the more they sit the better they get......Goes well with a double of Tennessee Sippin Whiskey. "


On 2008-05-21

" This is simply a wonderful cigar. Beautifully constructed with bags of taste and character. If I am ever feeling a little indecisive staring at my humidor, this cigar always leaps out and remains a reliable friend for all occasions, except perhaps first thing in the morning. Thats what Choix Supreme were made for !! "


On 2008-04-22

" A delightful cigar that is constructed beautifully and that burns uniformly. Leathery notesn medium body smoke that intensifies through the 1st third before holding its consistency throughout the remainder of the experience. No 1 Torpedo by my reckoning. Paired up perfectly with the Monteristo Edmundo during the same evening. "

On 2008-03-05

" Friends, if you are looking for a Torpedo to compliment and contrast with your collection of Monte 2s, the SP2 marks the end of your quest. This is a cigar-smokers cigar: Fragrant, almost floral to the nose out of the box. When ignited, it displays both power and balance, each with equal aplumb, and both in spades. It produces a rich, spicy flavour, carried on a beautiful draw, and culminates in an incredible 3rd-finish that the Monte simply cannot match in strength. The SP2 is the Yin to the Monte 2's Yang. To own both is to truly appriciate both. "


On 2007-12-07

" Absolutely top drawer. I have traditionally been a Monty #2 man, but the Partagas has the edge in terms of sheer quality of experience. The Monty seems a bit dull in comparison, although a fine fine cigar in its own right! "


On 2007-12-03

" A very strong cigar oily wrappers linear combustion of a growing power that blew in last tercio (Very important for me 67% humidity) "


On 2007-09-23

" Excellent smoke. IMO significantly more consistent than the Monty 2 and a tad milder and less belligerent (to borrow a term from Richard) than the D4. "


On 2007-06-28

" An excellent cigar, but not superior to the Montecristo#2 or the Bolivar Belicosos Fino. I found the BSP2 start out with a good, spicy flavor, an easy draw, and a sweet, woody aroma...but it remained one-dimentional in character. I was hoping for a climax, but instead the story stayed the same. A great smoke, but it comes in 3rd place, in my opinion. "


On 2007-05-26

" excellent use of spice, distinc aroma really made this one enjoyable. "


On 2007-04-21

" not bad now but will improve with aging "


On 2007-02-12



On 2006-11-07

" Bought 10 Monte No.2 and 10 Partagas at the same time. Aged both 9 months and the Partagas was top each time. Great flavours slightly sweet but plenty of spice "


On 2006-05-26

" I'm a Monte No 2 fan and this is better. More subtle but with character. Great smoke! "


On 2006-05-14

" more spice and depth than monte no2 great value "


On 2006-04-29

" Tried one last night. Great experience. "


On 2006-02-22

" out of a box of 10,some were sweet and great,some good with typical partagas flavour and one with a very pronounced perfume taste of amber.of course the flavour is somewhat affected by your palate and what has been smoked previously,not that strong but a good smoke,could be fabulous when aged. "

Casa Del Oro- Melbourne

On 2005-09-19

" flawless when aged. way better than the d4 "


On 2005-07-25

" Not as flavourful as the Serie D No. 4 but nice none-the-less. Thought it would pack more of a punch, but it didn't. "


On 2005-05-23

" perfect... "

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