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Rates the Cohíba Robustos


TopCubans Past experience:

The “King of Robustos” is still here. The ideal burning, a perfect combination of strength and flavor, incredible construction and most importantly, consistency in quality has made this the quintessential Robustos. Right from the start the strength and flavors of spice, wood and even wine perfectly mingle with the palate. There is even a hint of clove thrown in the mixer. This is a smooth and creamy cigar with great depth and variety, all of which comes in a pocket sized package ! I think of these little babies as my companion for life.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2015-11-23

" Simply marvelous! "


On 2013-10-23

" This is truly one of the finer things in life. My second all time favorite. the nuances of flavor are almost too sublime to describe. "


On 2013-08-03

" This is really a smooth and creamy cigar. Excellent every draw till the finish! From pricing point perspective it is slightly over priced. "


On 2013-05-11

" Really excellent . I like it . "


On 2013-01-14

" The best cigar in World. Also Congratulation to the Serve provide by Topcubans (fast and trustuble), with a very good packaging that keeps the original conditions of the cigar. I will certainly by from you in the futur. "

Tony B

On 2012-12-31

" Great little cigar. Creamy with plenty of flavor. Not too strong. Delightful to smoke while relaxing "


On 2012-12-10

" A fantastic smoke, packed full of thick creamy smoke. Just lacked a slight punch or added strength. But a quality smoke nevertheless. The only cigar I've 'nubbed' to date. I'm a beginner and have tried quite a few mainstream sticks... "

The Guv

On 2012-11-29

" I am not a big Cohiba fan, but this is the robusto by which all others are judged and rightly so.

Very, Very Good "


On 2012-10-02

" 4-5 Stars for this one. Wow, what a smooth enjoyable smoke! I found it Mild. But wow. Oh So So Enjoyable! A must in any humidor! "

Alex Bryamt

On 2012-05-31

" Very nice cigar. Once you sit back and relax, u get involved and really enjoy this stogie. It's got great flavors and its something I'm gonna keep in my humidor "


On 2012-04-11

" An all out perfect Robusto. I totally agree with the reviewer before me that stated that it's much too expensive for the bang. Partagas Serie D Nr. 4 can't be beaten for price/performance in robustos imho... "


On 2012-04-05

" This is a superb robusto. It has the classic Cohiba taste of grass, honey and cream. My only problem with this and why I removed 1 star is the price. For the smoke time on a robusto this is extremely overpriced. I will pay $600 for a box of Siglo VI because it smokes an hour longer than this. Any robusto above $300 a box is overpriced. The Partagas D4 hits the sweet spot being one of the best robusto and, heck, one of the best Cuban cigar period that you can get for $200 a box less than these. Don't get me wrong, this is a superb cigar but not worth the price. "


On 2012-03-29

" Incredible from start to finish...the last 1/4 of this beauty is packed with robust flavor..strong full flavored smoke... "


On 2011-08-24

" In my top 3 favorite cigars! "


On 2011-07-23

" One of my all time favorites. You can't go wrong with classic cigar. "


On 2010-12-06

" Heaven... No other words to describe it!! "


On 2010-08-13

" I reviewed this 3 years ago (4.9). The sticks have aged well but what is really amazing is that when comparing (I did a side by side test) my 3 year olds to my new, 3 week olds, the difference is negligible. I interpret this as the new ones being ready to go out of the box. I imagine another 3 years will give these aged ones enough time to develop further but I love these as they are - I wish I didn't as they are not exactly cheap. "


On 2010-08-02

" My favourite cigar! "


On 2010-04-05

" Just purchased a 3 box of these babies while on vacation in Cancun and was not disappointed. Perfect wrap, even burn with spice tones in the beginning followed by coffee hints toward end. Perfect draw and balance throughout but you to pay a bit for the name. You know its a true Cuban due to the buzz... Can't wait to start on the monticristos "


On 2010-03-18

" All time favourite smoke! A must have! "


On 2009-11-23

" could have been a little more flavorful,Still a good quality smoke, sits gentle in the mouth, great draw, a bit boring through out the smoke, Could have had more caracter!!! "


On 2009-11-12

" It's simple. It is THE perfect cigar. Everything else is a distant second. "


On 2009-10-16

" I found reminsecences of almost everything what has been good in my life. "


On 2009-01-22

" I'm continuously trying different cigars. Throughout all my adventures, no matter how good the others are, I always find myself going back to these magnificent
Cohiba. I've had many Robustos from different regions, and each time I am fully impressed by how smooth, tasteful, and nice burning these cigars are. I always keep a stash of these in my humidor, because when all else fails, I know I can always count on these one being there to meet and fulfil my expectatations. A wonderful cigar, in a nice gauge, and the appropriate length for people don't have a lot of time. "


On 2008-11-13

" I don't believe in "perfection" but this is pretty close. Sampled several different top end brands during sunsets on a recent trip to Aruba, and this was by far the most enjoyable. Most consistent burn and draw, excellent taste and beautiful smoke! My only wish was that this cigar was about 2 inches longer for more enjoyment as I found myself smoking more than 1 back to back on several occasions. "


On 2008-09-28

" Excellant stick. Enjoyed it with a beer and it was great. Smooth yet full. "


On 2008-08-22

" Another excellent Cohiba. At the beginning I detected mocha and spice, coffee and chocolate. Even burn, never harsh, and the stick feels hefty and satisying in the hand and in the mouth.
Kudos to Cohiba! "


On 2008-06-24

" The Cohiba Robusto is an expensive smoke for this admittedly frugal cigar purchaser. That is not to say it isn't a really good smoke, beautifully constructed and rich in flavors ranging from espresso, spice to a hint of cocoa. As a smoke it rates a 5 but due to its cost I've rated it lower. These are clearly a splurge or celebration cigar for me and on a daily basis Partagas Series 'D' or Ramon Allones 'Specially Selected' are my cigars of choice. Besides, I can buy two boxes of those for the price of one box of these. Oh, one last thing, this is definitely a cigar to enjoy after a grilled Porterhouse steak and rich cabernet. "


On 2008-06-11

" I have been smoking for the past 20 years. I have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed an ample share of Cuban cigars. I purchase Montecristo's and Bolivar's, and if I could afford it this robusto would be my cigar of choice. It is simply the most satisfying cigar I have ever experienced. "


On 2008-02-17

" A very good Robusto indeed...but can one really justify the fact that it is so expensive? My view regarding COHIBA is intact: they are overpriced cigars for snobs. How can this cigar be priced in line with Montecristo's limited edition robustos which are a much better smoke? For the money, the Juan Lopez no. 2 is the true king of robustos, in my humble opinion... "


On 2008-02-01

" Very good cigar, strong. High quality made, draft is not complicated,
the cigar have intensive good taste. In the beginning wood, herbal,
in the end taste - grains of coffee, chocolate.
Very pleasant combination to cognac "Martell Cohiba" , cigar and cognac supplement each other,
there is a new pleasant taste. "


On 2007-10-27

" superb smooth silky smoke, almost burnt my fingers,1st one i tried from a recent purchase robusto selection,the condition of them was perfect,well done guys "


On 2007-08-24

" My favorite smoke. Beautifully made..flavors are flawless for my taste. full flavor from first to last puff without EVER getting harsh on me. This really is a cigar that doesnt need to be aged (obviously, age is always good) to be FANTASTIC. The price (everywhere) is the only reason I didn't give it a 5. "


On 2007-06-05

" beautyfully constructed, nice and easy draw, smooth at first and spicy by the end. great even burn. had one last night after a heavy drinking dinner and this robusto was a great relaxing cigar. "


On 2006-12-10

" Great Cigar!
Nicely rolled smoth on the pool. 1hr 20 minutes of pure pleasure. Consistent all the way. "

Cptn Trips

On 2006-10-08

" This is a great robusto. Had one a few weeks ago from a Seleccion Robustos box (GKI-JUL.04). The taste was superb but though the draw was very tight. The taste of clove was very strong. Bought a box of ten from Richard that I received this week (AVD-NOV.05 ), the taste was completely different. Still good, but not nearly as sweet. I did not taste the clove in these as I did with the one from the Seleccion Robustos box. Very nice taste though, earthy with a very long, spicy finish. These also have a MUCH better draw. They have only been in the humidor a few days. I think I'll let these sit for a good while before I revisit them. If I could combine the draw and finish of these from Richard with the sweet clove taste of the one from the Seleccion Robustos, defintely would be a 5+. "

Dave mc

On 2006-07-18

" love the robustos but couldnt bring myself to out score the siglo vi .only found richards superb topcubans recently but now an avid fan,with several orders under my belt and a couple of recomendations to boot what a find, a true gent and fellow cigar lover "


On 2006-05-14

" partagas serie d wins hands down when bith are aged "


On 2005-10-22

" This is THE grand daddy of them all. Try it now ! "


On 2005-08-24

" Time to eat some crow (followed by a Cohiba robusto) I reviewed these here not too long ago that was based on my prior experience with these cigars, and it was less than enthusiastic. How wrong I was...I received a box (NRZ-ENE.05) a month ago, and I am in love with this cigar. Loaded with spice, cedar and dark coffee bean flavors as well as ultra-rich tobacco flavors. Construction is top-drawer...I've had not one that smoked, burned or drew less than perfect. I still think they are overpriced, but all Cohibas are. I am a big fan of this vitola, and have 4 different brands in my humidor right now, and in my opinion this cigar even outsmokes the Patagas D4. Thank you very much, Richard...time for me to maybe smoke less and enjoy it more? "


On 2005-08-09

" I Thought this Robusto was pretty good with a smooth creamy taste. Hints of coffee at the begging of the cigar. A little expensive but definatley worth it "


On 2005-04-05

" One of my favourites. Very rich and spicy, perfect taste until the end, I also enjoy the smell of this cigar unlightened, wonderful!


On 2004-12-07

" Overpriced, the Partagas Rubstos were far better and half the price. I give it 88-90 points, for 370/box, keep shopping. "


On 2004-08-24

" I know I'm asking for a good butt-kickin' by NOT saying this is the yardstick to which all robustos are measured, but...what the heck, in my opinion, it's true. I've puffed at least 50 of these over the years, and the percent of side-winders and plugged sticks is way higher than it should be, in my opinion. Tastes wonderful, but to me it's overpriced. "


On 2004-05-28

" Probably one of the 5 best smokes i've ever had! Next time Fidel comes over for dinner, i'm gonna have him bring me some more!! "


On 2004-04-04

" Most wonderful "


On 2004-02-16

" This is the best I have ever smoked. This is a mild cigar with full flavor. "


On 2004-01-08

" "


On 2003-10-14

" An excellent cigar, nice price, nice draw, and a wonderful taste. I have purchase around 9 of these boxes and sitting around drinking a glass of JW Blue, some poker and a COHIBA rubusto, makes a perfect evening, even the girls loved them!! :-) "


On 2003-09-14

" A very good robusto but there are better ones (Paratgas D serie 4, Romeo y Julieta limited robusto) for half the price. "


On 2003-06-20

" Though some cigars get higher ratings from most then this one does, it is my personal favorite "


On 2003-03-18

" A very good cigar. A little strong for an everyday smoke for me. Enjoyed right down to the end. "


On 2003-01-30

" Probably the finest cigar I have ever smoked. Powerful yet subtle, this cigar made me consider larger vitoles. Out of the 50+ I have smoked, none have disappointed me. Mildly spiced with a classic final. "


On 2002-11-19

" Cohiba is consistently exquisite and expensive. Tremendous flavors, perfect construction. "


On 2002-08-14

" Good taste, real good draw consistent "


On 2002-07-19

" The essence of Havana is contained in this cigar. If you have not sampled this vitole, do it now! "


On 2002-02-26

" The Robusto is the measuring stick. "

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