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Rates the Trinidad Robusto Extra


TopCubans Past experience:

Wow what a smoke! I will say it again, Wow what a smoke! Silky smooth presentation, fine and lean like a trim, primed athlete.
The ignition is as easy as switching on the most finely tuned Ferrari, the smokes texture immediately imposing this most robust of Robustos. Then the flavors: a tingle of spice meets the tongue, then a waft of ceder wood, followed assuredly by darts of coffee and black pepper and then the all encompassing honeyed gingerbread as the grand finale! A masterpiece of prophetic proportions! I think this might just be the future of the Cuban cigar!

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2013-08-26



On 2013-05-31

" I find the Trinidad (Cuban) to provide me with everything I want from a cigar. From it's blend to its strength, it's ash to its smoke, it's almost perfect! "

The Guv

On 2012-08-08

" Quality, Quality, Quality - stock up before they disappear (what an absolute tradegy) "


On 2012-04-25

" This is my favorite Cuban bar none. Everywhere I smoke it everyone asks what it is. Smooth, Tasty and burns perfectly. "


On 2012-03-15

" One of the best cigars you'll ever smoke. This cigar is solid & rolled really well. It is extremely flavorful yet mild soft and almost milky to the palate. If your into heavy this is not for you but if mild and flavorful are in your repertoire this ones for you. Honestly I have never tasted any other cigar to compare it to and I've been through some stogies in my time.. "


On 2012-02-11

" One of the most flavorful and milky smooth cigars you will ever put in your mouth...Period "


On 2011-10-27

" At one point it tasted like caramel, chocolate and nuts; a turtle sundae. Wow, excellent "


On 2010-03-10

" Quite expensive. Cohiba VI would be much better option considering the price. "

Bleacher Dave

On 2009-08-29

" This pig-tailed beauty will tempt you to burn your fingers. Beautifully construction provides a perfectly even burn throughout. Draw was a bit firm in the first 1/3, but opened up beautifully. This elegant stick is fit for a Caribbean great house. Vanilla, cocoa, leather and cedar. An oily finish requires attention near the end. I had to relight this baby a couple of items to enjoy her to the nub. I'll be added a box of these to my humidor for proper aging. "


On 2009-08-12

" Given a choice of any, and I mean any Cuban cigar. this is the one I would smoke. "


On 2009-02-16

" Outstanding cigar! Excellent construction. The cigar is so stiff I originally thought the draw would be tight but that was not the case as it ended up being perfect. Very strong and even wood/pepper taste with complex flavours. "


On 2008-10-08

" Jeff wrote: ”In my opinion, this one is better than Cohiba's Siglo VI!" Jeff I agree 100 % with you. None of the Cohiba’s has the finish to the smoke like this Trinidad dose. Cohiba’s in general begins well and ends up being boring. Well, some people still things that Mercedes is the best built car on the market, but fortunately we are some who knows better. Cohiba in my opinion is over rated!


On 2008-09-12

" What a cigar! I'm always a little nervous trying a new smoke, but this one was no disappointment. On the contrary, is it possible to fall in love with a cigar? It sure is with this one. Impressive construction with a perfectly balanced draw, impeccably even burn, and a symphony of wonderful flavors. Just the right balance between Cuban power and those delicate little nuances that make the smoke dance on your tongue: coffee, pepper, spice, honey, all brought together in a wonderful smoke without a hint of harshness. I could go on forever. In my opinion, this one is better than Cohiba's Siglo VI! "


On 2008-01-23

" This is the best Trinidad ever. I tried it the first time shortly after it came out in 2004. One fantastic Cuban cigar by all means. Makes the overrated Cohiba’s truly suffer. I wish all Cuban cigars were crafted this good. Guess we got to wait for true capitalism in Cuba before we get 100% consistent Cuban cigars. This is in my opinion better than any of the Fuente Fuente Opus X’ses or other great Fuente’s which also are a great cigars! "


On 2008-01-23

" This cigar is very smooth with no hint of a "hot finish". The aroma and style of this stick is only comparable to the Siglo VI, but the taste of the Trinidad is significantly milder. The taste reminds me of a blend of oak, hikory, and well seasoned leather. This is a fantastic smoke to enjoy near a fireplace with good friends and your favorite single malt! "


On 2007-11-03

" Draw: good
Construction: very good
Aroma: mild
Body: light to medium
Flavor: 1st tried it in 2005, then a year ago in 2006. At lighting it started with pure taste of coffee/chocolate & sweet spices, tasted extremely pleasant. It later developed into subtle tastes of chocolate, sweet spices and leather/cedar undertones towards the end.
Tried it again after 1 year in humidor, Nov. 2007, the taste didn’t change. In fact if there was any harshness a year ago, this time around it felt very smooth smoke. At lighting, the same unmistakable pleasant taste of coffee & sweet spices, this time with woody/toasty flavors, with long finish of coffee & toast. These flavors continued throughout the cigar, with leathery/cedary flavors developing towards the end.
Satisfaction: Overall this is a very pleasant cigar, with it’s multitude yet balanced flavors. Consistent flavors that seems to only improve with humidor aging. One of my “MUST HAVE” cigars. "


On 2007-08-28

" Unreal smoothness. Flavor is so delightful, I literally did not want it to end. I have found probably my new favorite smoke. Wonderful stick on all levels: construction, look, consistency, burn, draw, and of course flavor. "


On 2007-08-07

" I would smoke this one or a Siglo VI with the same pleasure. A must "


On 2006-11-19

" WOW! This was a amazing! Richard nailed this one. Sweet smoke! "


On 2005-07-03

" one of the best cigars a ever smoked perfect construction even burn good tast "

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