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Rates the Trinidad Reyes


TopCubans Past experience:

This 'rookie' is here to stay! A new adition to the Trinidad family, and by the looks of it its a very handsome family indeed. I tried one of these recently and was suitably impressed! The strength is intelligently measured gently releasing the aromas of woody spices mixed with coffee in a deep, confident smoke. Interesting!

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2016-01-05

" The best soft-cigars, short, soft, elegant ! Very good with a strong whisky "


On 2014-11-19

" What a great cigar. It lasts for around an hour for me and that makes it a good value even at this size.Perfect construction. "


On 2013-08-22

" The best for me...the size, the taste, everything's perfect! Just enjoy! "


On 2013-02-15

" I was smoking these when I didn't have time for something more, but I must state the lack of taste and complexity left me somewhat bored. I like the wrapper, but the (short?) filler doesn't seem to offer much. Not bad, but nothing special. "


On 2011-03-28

" Great construction, consistantly good draw, good ash and burn. This cigar has become my go to smoke. A nice medium strength with woody tastes. I give it 5 stars for being a consistantly good smoke at a reasonable price. "


On 2010-03-26

" for me is excellent "


On 2008-12-30

" A bit rough for me. Found it to be strong from the outset. Perhaps smoking it in another scenario would have helped. Very woody with slight tastes of vanilla. "


On 2008-05-10

" I was suprised with this one :) Twas alot better than I thought it would be. "


On 2007-04-19

" A great smoke with a friend and port "


On 2006-03-13

" A Friend went to Amsterdam and returned with a 5 Pack of these as a gift for me and what a pleasant surprise. Although a short smoke ( 15 - 20 Minutes ) I really enjoyed this Vitole and had to both share them with a couple of select friends and order a box. What enjoyable flavors A sweet almost vanilla taste with an undertone of spice. Bravo Richard and Rik for another perfect box. This is a definate buy for anyone looking for a quick yet very flavorful smoke. I tried one out of the box a few days after receiving them and that cigar was a little tight on the draw. I hope time will ease that problem. "


On 2005-03-14

" the taste is sort of woody vanilla spice and in a way reminds me of a slightly less powerful cohiba esplendido. its rich in taste with plenty of body for such a small cigar and whilst satisfying you're straight into the flavour so in this sense its rather one dimensional...but thats good because its only a 15-25 minute smoke depending on what sort of day you had! its too powerful to smoke on an empty stomach but can be enjoyed either after a hearty breakfast accompanied with a cup of coffee, or just as well after a rich spicy meal when you are either smoking on your own or haven't got the time (or understanding wife!) to smoke a larger stick. only slight draw back is some can be a little tightly rolled. "

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