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Rates the Punch Punch-Punch


TopCubans Past experience:

This reliable, impressively rolled cigar is THE Corona Gorda. The cigar is soft between your fingers and at the lighting earthy flavors will openly mix with leather and musk aromas. A real “etalon” with a frivolous character, the Punch-Punch has an enchanting sweet note that rings true to the palate. An old friend !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-10-25

" Its not that it is bad,it isn't.It is just that I would expect some more complexity from it.Nice but for me a bit boring overall. "


On 2013-02-15

" Consistently remarkable in build and flavor. My favorite Punch. These never last long in my humidor. "


On 2012-10-27

" Constantly my favorite smoke. I can't get enough of these sticks. For me, every other cigar, including Cohiba just can't give me the satisfaction that Punch Punch delivers. "


On 2012-01-15

" I have just returned from enjoying one of these delightful cigars whilest on a morning drive through the country side. I must say it is an absolute delight, starts off mellow but doesnt go out with out a fight, the final third of the cigar is what has sold me, I will certainly be buying another box. "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-12-05

" It's a cuban legend for a reason. I tried it again and this time it was so much better. I very much enjoyed it and hope to have one again soon. "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-10-14

" 4 stars because it was really tight. I barely got smoke out of it, but I'll give that the benefit of the doubt. The smoke I did draw was great, hopefully my next one won't disappoint "


On 2011-08-29

" bought one from you just to try (bit to pricey for my pocket) and i loved it. I am afraid i dont get all the mentioned tasts but i know what i like. Wish i could smoke them all the time. "


On 2011-04-23

" I smoked my first Punch Punch 6 months ago, and the cigar was young. I was not impressed. It tasted very fruity with a very strong taste of cherries throughout that left a warm feeling in my mouth and an unpleasant aftertaste. I let the smokes rest for 6 months and lit up another and the difference is striking. Gone was the overpowering taste of cherries. This one was a wonderful mix of leather, tobacco and a hint of spice. very good smoke with some age. "


On 2011-01-26

" Maybe I smoked this to early. I found it left an a strange tingling in my mouth that I did not like. i will keep the rest for a couple of years and see how they go "


On 2009-08-14

" I agree with your assessment of this cigar, Richard. I have always loved the Royal Selection No. 11 thinking the Punch Punch was harsh or bland in comparison, then I purchased a box with 5 years of age on it and the smoke was a revelation! Absolutely exquisite flavor, refined, honeyed, and delicious. What a difference a few years of age added to this cigar; I won't make that mistake again. "


On 2009-07-10

" This was one of my first Cubans and no matter what else I try, I always come back to them. "

Mr. A

On 2007-06-02

" No flowery adjectives needed to describe this cigar. Simply, a solid smoke. "


On 2006-09-28

" This was a welcome gift from Richard that accompanied another order. Thanks Richard! The aroma wafting through my home office would garner a rating of 5.0 - a real heady warmth that reminds me of peat and oak - total Cuban aroma. The smoke itself starts off a bit dry, but soon mellows. Construction and draw were flawless with lots of rich smoke. Very good smoke. "


On 2006-08-13

" Full flavored with an earthy taste, but not harsh. An excellent quality smoke that will give you an hour of enjoyment. I've had a lot of pleasure throughout the box of these well-rolled sticks. "

Ravi Chugani

On 2006-07-23

" Although I did not love this cigar, it is only due to personal taste. Strong, enjoyable smoke. Just something about it didn't do it for me. "


On 2005-11-15

" After smoking three or four boxes of these superb cigars, I bought a cabinet of 50 on the advice of Rick. Even though they were pretty "fresh", (SOL-MAY.05) they were all I expect from the Punch Punch, plus the added consistency of the cabinet. As I write this, on 1115/05, most would say they still need quite a bit of aging, but I have to admit, they are wonderful right now. Though a med-bodied smoke, they are still a total spice bomb, with a perfect draw and great burn, along with one of my favorite finishes. My humidor hasn't been without the Punch Punch for several years, and I will continue to keep it "in stock". DO yourself a favor, and try them en won't be sorry! "


On 2005-10-21

" excellent cigar. went for a hunt weekend with abox of these, fantastic smokes perfect for the great outdoors. "


On 2005-10-12

" this one left a desire for chain smoking. quite ready to recapture the experience in my next order since it's priced reasonably. "


On 2005-08-09

" Richard, Thank you for a flawless box...very nice bloom. For those of you who are thinking of trying this cigar, buy them by the box-you won't regret it. I could go on and on praising this cigar...but who'd read such a long review? The punch-punch is a classic because it is what it is; one hell of a fine cigar, year after year. "


On 2005-06-20

" 5 weeks in humidor and decided to try one tonight on Father’s Day. It started of with a mild spice with a touch of harshness. Might be the Cajun stew I had for diner. Harshness dissipated after a few minutes. A hint of honey and cream with an overtone of tangy pepper though out most of this cigar. Aftertaste was quiet pleasant with a touch of dryness to the mouth. Overall... can’t wait till this batch gets some aging. "


On 2005-05-21

" Very good cigar. Two out of a box of twenty-five were tight but other than that a wonderful smoke "

Quebec sait faire

On 2005-03-03

" A great smoke. Reliable Tasty Not Overpowering "


On 2005-01-29

" A classic.
Nicely rolled with a great burn, and great draw.
Elements of honey and cedar with a hazelnut undertone. "


On 2004-11-09

" Another box another great smoke. Do not even think about this just buy a box. "


On 2004-11-09

" Another box another great smoke. Do not even think about this just buy a box. "


On 2004-04-02

" Just got a box and lit one up right away. Rated 91 in this month Cigar Aficionado, might be under rated. This cigar kicked A**. Buy a box now you wont regret it. I usually smoke Bolivar so I like a strong cigar. Don't believe what others have said. While not a Bolivar it is anything but mild. "


On 2002-12-26

" I left a very favorable rating a couple of months ago, but it has since been deleted, I hope by accident. Great smoke after resting a while in the humidor. One of my favorites. "


On 2002-11-19

" bgmc2000 2002-11-18
Very tight draw and poor construction but unquestionable great medium bodied flavor "


On 2002-07-21

" very, very nice....ahhh "


On 2002-07-08

" Everything I had read about came true with this vitole. Rich Havana flavor, perfect draw and burn. Certainly one of the benchmarks of Cuba! "


On 2002-05-21

" My first Cuban cigar. Normally not a cigar smoker, but enjoyed this one very much. Very mild, which I enjoyed. Will try again.. "


On 2002-01-26

" A nice looking cigar that burned well with an easy draw. It was kind of mild--I like a kick in my Cubans--and it tasted a bit bland. I was looking for that Cuban coffee/leather/spice taste, but it just never happened. I have four more, so maybe it was just that one. "

Adam french

On 2002-01-10

" nice tast in the mouth and nice to old but to mild for my likeing "


On 2002-01-07

" A nice firm box role. Sets in the fingers comfortably. Had a nice smooth draw for as tight as it was rolled with a even burn. A full body flavor with a slight pleasent bite. "

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