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Rates the Montecristo Petit Edmundo


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On 2015-04-27

" An old favorite.New cigars come and go(or indeed stay)but the PE holds its high position no matter what.A Cuban jewel. "


On 2014-10-19

" It's a pretty darn good cigar "


On 2014-05-22



On 2014-03-24

" Kindly spicy and great for short smokes. "


On 2013-07-18

" They are great paired with Trappist Rochefort Ale 10. "


On 2013-01-30

" THIS IS actually more like a medium strength and much milder compared to D4. Though some spicy (I am not favorable to spicy) overall still a smooth and easy to draw fairly, not too strong but enough to give the power. Price wise is not very attractive compared to bolivar RY, JP#2. but still worth to keep afew in humidor. "


On 2012-12-21

" I'm a Novice cigar smoker. I really liked the size and gauge. It's a good 45min to an hour smoke. Great draw and levels of smoke. Mine was from a box (not tubed), not sure the age. Taste wise it had mild woody, spicy, peppery notes. Not bags of flavour, but enjoyable for what it was and how it's priced. 4 Stars, would've got 5 stars for a bit more complexity. Maybe some age will help my others... "


On 2012-10-27

" Great cigar. Lots of even strength. Fully enjoyed the last one I smoked "


On 2012-09-15

" Great cigar all the way! Great burn and taste. Just awesome. Do not hesitate to get one! "


On 2012-08-26

" Love it, love it, love it! Even burn, extremely smooth draw, sumptuous smoke, beautiful ash and the flavours are to die for. My new favourite 'short' cigar... "


On 2011-11-20

" A fantastic medium bodied cigar. This cigar has quite a different flavor than a lot of other Monte cigars but the blend is fantastic. This is a dead on medium bodied cigar that never wavers one bit into the medium full range and is perfect with a morning cup of coffee or after lunch. Save your Monte 2's for after dinner. Highly recommended anytime cigar!!!! "


On 2011-07-23

" A consistently good, smooth smoking cigar especially if you like a cigar that can be smoked in a half an hour and you don't want a big cigar that you have to relight if you don't have the time to finish it. I order boxes of 25 sticks and when I am down to 12 in my humidor, I reorder another box. "


On 2011-03-04

" I find this very good cigar, a medium body within my favorite "

Michael johnson

On 2011-02-05

" If you only have room for two cigars in your box make sure this one is in it. This cigar is like my Amex, don't leave home without it. This cigar is very consistent, even burn, full of flavor just right for the 30 min cigar. My box is never without this cigar in it. Enjoy the smoke "


On 2009-12-08

" Good short smoke. Like a fun five minute ride in a Ferrari. Full bodied. Well constructed. Complex. It costs an awful lot for what you get, but it's a Monte, so (in some sense) you get what you pay for. "


On 2008-04-29

" "Very powerfull, draws really well although i did experience a slightly uneven burn but not enough to stop me coming back for more" "


On 2008-01-25

" lights up nice, the nonly thing is near the end of the cigar its started to break apart. "


On 2007-11-15

" Montecristo has cornered the market on short cigars. Rated 94 by CA right out of the gate. My only knock on them is I think the price is a bit high for a 4 and a third inch stick compard to the #2 and Edmundo. "


On 2007-10-21

" My favourite cigar, a wonderful smoke! "


On 2007-03-27

" The best new cigar from Montecristo,s regular line.Packed with power it,s a very strong cigar, that will only get better with some age.This one is superior to the Romeo y Julieta Short Churchhill.I hope they don't change the blend,this is a near perfect short cigar. "

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