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Rates the Montecristo No. 3


TopCubans Past experience:

An excellent, consistent smoke. Ideal as your companion cigar, this Corona offers regularity due to its enormous production. Recognisable woody, earthy flavors progress in an easy manner. A great cigar for a mid-afternoon appetizer.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2011-07-28

" Tight draw that eases further in, woody and peppery, occasional uneven burn, dark grey ash. My favorite size in any cigar. "


On 2010-10-16

" This cigar is a classic and I will always have them in my humidor. "


On 2009-12-08

" I just don't get why this cigar was voted 2008's Best Corona. I struggled with it. The draw was tight and very difficult. It burned unevenly. It was a pleasing enough smoke -- not overly complex or subtle -- but El Rey Choix Supreme's are far, far better if that's what you're looking for. "


On 2009-04-27

" OK, tried again! This one had a strange sweet, almost flowery tinge to it during the first third. Not unpleasant. As the stogie went on it got steadilly stronger. Much better! "


On 2009-01-14

" This was ok, but only ok! I found it a bit dry and inconsistent with the burn, but having read the other experiences, maybe I just got a bad 'un! To be smoked again. "


On 2007-12-19

" Still my preference is Montecristo no.3 "


On 2006-12-26

" My favorite 15-20 minute smoke, also a great multiple all-day smoke. Dependable end to end, cigar after cigar. "


On 2005-09-16

" Others write of allowing theirs to burn to the fingertip; yours are worth burning to the lip. My first order was the best I've had since I moved home from London. Thank you Richard. "


On 2005-03-07

" The classic cigar for all occasions. Always a great smoke. "


On 2004-12-02

" I really like this cigar. Good construction and burns well. Flavor keeps on coming and hints of its bigger brothers talents are throughout. Great everyday smoke. "


On 2003-05-26

" This was my first purchase from this site. The first few cigars I smoked were a bit harsh. After they aged a few weeks in my humidor the smoke was smooth and almost buttery in its consistency. The first half was smooth and the second half was more spicy and flavorful. Overall a great cigar. "

Maxie T

On 2002-07-09

" I enjoy this cigar when ever I smoke. It offers you two flavors in one cigar. Earthy and a hint of wood along witha good finish with peppery flavour. "


On 2002-01-17

" My favorite. Extremely smooth for a Cuban. Incredible smoke with earthy and woody overtones in the first half. Second half becomes peppery with a strong finish. "

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