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On 2015-12-15

" I did not enjoy this cigar at all,,, as a long fan of the Montecristo line that was disappointing... It did not have much flavour and did not burn well.. Maybe I got a bad one ? "


On 2013-05-09

" A very consistent robusto. Strong intense of wwody, better to himidor for sometime first. "


On 2013-03-04

" Agree this is a very woody taste medium cigar comes with some spicy. Nice and quick burn. Thick smoke. No suprise, can get a better treatment at this price. "


On 2013-02-23

" This is one of my favorite cigars. It has a really nice fruity taste, looks really nice and for the price it's really worth. Enjoyed it with a couple of my friend and they were impressed too by the amazing small of this high quality cigar. If u haven't try it out yet, just go for it u won't regret it. 8/10 enjoy life!! "

The Tomcat

On 2012-10-26

" I had the pleasure of tasting a few of these wonderful cigars on a recent trip to Europe. WOW! What an experience! Incredible taste, woodsy and aromatic. Easy draw and smooth burn. Exactly what I would expect from Montechristo with one difference: flavor. I bought a box of 10. My friend and I smoked all 10 and both said the same thing: "What a great taste!" I enjoy most Montechristo's for thier medium flavor but the Master has a destinct taste of cinnamon and orange with some smoky tones in the back. Thanks so much! "


On 2012-09-11

" Not bad stogie. Just had one couple minutes ago. The 2/3 pretty good, good taste. But the last third was a let down. Didnt burn well and not even tasted good. "

Alex Bryant

On 2011-07-12

" Very woody, in fact I just remember wood tastes, but I was having a political debate at the time so I might be misled. But I enjoyed it, had some coffee with it and would buy more "

Alex arnott

On 2010-07-24

" Just yummy full of tender flavour with notes of pepper coco leather, from start to finish a fab wee cigar "


On 2009-07-07

" Tried at the Habanos festival... bland and generic. Smokes well, but the taste is a letdown. I think this may have been blended for the anticipated opening of the American market. "

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