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Rates the San Cristóbal de La Habana La Fuerza


TopCubans Past experience:

Oh my God ! Fat as a Robusto and as long as a Corona Gorda, this “Gordito” has all the advantages of the always popular, irregular sizes. In addition, the blend brings this new cigar to the top: floral aspect married with some chocolate notes, the tempo has a nice evolution which does not allow you to sleep on it. I think this is a talented cigar which will certainly become a Masterpiece in a few years. A part of “joie de vivre” !

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2014-02-07

" I loved this cigar. Very smooth and smoked very well. It wasn't to strong. "


On 2010-11-18

" A very good smoke, fruity the longer you leave in your humidor the better they get. A must for your collection, will definitely purchase again, great for every day smoke. "


On 2010-01-31

" Very smooth cigar, right through to the strong finish. Beautiful construction & a fine fine smoke! "


On 2009-11-18

" Very pleasant cigar. I smoke this brand occasionally and never had a complaint. Smooth and tasty. Probably one of the sweetest habanas out there. Good draw. Nice size and construction. "


On 2008-11-28

" I was pleasantly surprised at first by an experience that reminds me of a R&J Churchill. Extremely smooth with a pleasant wood taste, this cigar starts well but slowly builds up a bitter taste as it is consumed and offers little other flavors to compensate. "


On 2007-04-17

" This is a really good smoke! It may not have the big name, but it's got good complex flavors, kind o fnutty, and is a real pleasure. Construction could be a bit better, though, 2 tight ones in the box "


On 2006-11-02

" this is my third order of this cigar. they get better with age but who can wait . a very ,very good cigar. beautiful wrapper perfect smoke. i love this cigar


On 2006-09-24

" the longer they stay in the humidor the better they get
some out of the bunch were great cigars
overall really nice


On 2006-05-12

" You've got to get these! Don't care what type of smoke you think you prefer, this will become your favorite. It's name may not be as prestigious as some others, but this is what cigars are all about, Cuban or otherwise. These will make you sit back and sigh"Oh, yesssss" "


On 2006-04-29

" Started off a little flat with chocolate notes and the half way through really turned into something great. Perfect construction and draw. Pretty smooth, with a flavor that falls into the newer style Cubans like Cuaba. Although fairly rich, it’s an easily enjoyable smoke. "


On 2005-07-13

" This is one of the best Cigars I have ever Had, My favorite is the Trinidad Fundadores, but I save those for a truly special occasion the San Cristobal is great in the summer or the winter and the smoke draw and taste are simply worth the burns I now have on my fingers "


On 2005-05-02

" wow!!!Richard hit this one right on the head.Where should i start,from the start to the end it got better&better.Great draw all the way through,i almost burned my finger tips.Aroma was incredible,burned a 1in. ash.This is 1 that u always find in my humidor.Thanks Richard! "


On 2005-04-25

" My first experience with San Cristobal. I hate to say that I was disappointed as my expectations were high. I've smoked several sticks and all share the same characteristics: average draw and flavor. This is by no means a bad cigar. But there are many options that are superior to this one at similar prices. "


On 2004-09-29

" the first box was from ear may 01, the wrappers were like liquid chocolate, oily with no veins, the second box was from ear dec 02, wrappers were not as dark as the other box, however flavor was the same unmistakable san cristo flavor. Habanos SA created a real gem with this new brand "


On 2004-08-24

" My first experience with San Cristobal,I rec'd a box of La Fuerzas a couple weeks ago. I love just about everything about this cigar. I found the flavors to be so smooth, so rich and full, yet had a hard time identifying them! No worries, though, I found the cigar to be outstanding. The size is too good to be true...great construction, wrappers are buttery, the draw allowed huge mouthfuls of some of the richest smoke I've had in a long time. Thanks, Richard, you're the best!!! "

Got_cubans_in_ the_US

On 2004-05-25

" Just a great smoke, lots of flavor with no harshness, this is a new favorite! "


On 2004-02-06

" A wonderful smoke whether it be enjoyed in the afternoon or evening. Full bodied with a big taste that is not overwhelming. I discovered it in a sampler and it is now one of my favorite Cubans. "


On 2003-11-25

" The only reason this cigar did not receive a 5.0 is that I do not believe anything is perfect. This cigar is as close as it gets. Great aroma, taste, burn and experience. Thank you Richard for pointing this one out. "

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