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Rates the Trinidad Fundadores


TopCubans Past experience:

Developed to be the grandest and richest of all Cuban’s, this cigar went a long way to achieving these goals. Total class in the look, with a construction that comes from an artists easel. A creamy richness that intensifies throughout, exploring brewed coffee and chocolaty flavours. This is a cigar that needs time and a relaxed atmosphere to be enjoyed to the fullest. Box of 24'.

TopCubans member's experiences:


On 2015-05-10

" Great woody aftertaste after a creamy mild to medium body fully flavorful cigar . For the last ten years one still one of my favorites. "


On 2014-03-18

" great taste smooth draw "


On 2013-06-16

" One of the best cigars I've ever smoked! "

The Guv

On 2012-11-29

" It just doesn't get any better than this - outstanding cigar "


On 2012-02-16

" Superb cigar, the best "after meal" cigar there is, so rich, really really creamy, skip dessert and go straight for this cigar instead. "


On 2010-11-12

" Love at first smoke! Don't have a word to say. You should try by yourselves.. "


On 2009-05-05

" Fom me this is the supreme Lancero! Really expensive, but it pays! "

Mr. abuse

On 2009-03-04

" Lovely smoke, but some were hard to draw. "


On 2009-03-01

" An outstanding cigar,
actually without a peer. Rich in creamy overtones and an intriguing smoke all the way through "


On 2007-12-06

" one of the best cigars ever. "


On 2006-12-26

" One of my favorite favorites "

On 2006-12-09

" outstanding......kick back take your time and savor this delightful smoke. "


On 2005-12-01

" Wonderfully smooth, well made, nice smoke, great smell. One of the best I've had. "

Smokin linda

On 2005-06-23

" just got my box in today. what a wonderful tasty cigar. one of the best i've ever had! "


On 2005-06-01

" Tried 1 of these after a diner at Hostel de Habano in Havanna. Simply the best cigar I have eveb smoked "


On 2005-05-10

" this is the cigar i cant compare with any other cigars its top klass cigar "


On 2004-11-11

" Wonderful draw and a beautiful construction with hints of coffee throughout. Among top 3 cigars I have ever burned. "


On 2004-06-02

" Best cigar I've ever smoked.. nothing can compare! "


On 2004-03-23

" Finest cigar that I have smoked. Nice and smooth with a great draw! Only wish that I could have found more of them in the Bahamas. "


On 2004-01-12

" Viva Fidel! This is a winner. Very fine cigar. I give it an A. In my opinion,not as good as Bolivar, but in my top 5 of all time. Choose this cigar if you enjoy a medium flavor with outstanding construction, draw and consistancy. "


On 2003-11-02

" This is a "class A+" cigar. Great draw and complex flavors. What a smoke! "


On 2003-07-27

" I was given two without knowing their reputation. Monte Cristo No 3 is my normal choice. Smoked the first at a fairly hectic dinner party and was knocked out by the smooth flavour and great taste. I will resist the temptation to quickly light up the second but will ensure I give it the time and respect to slowly and fully appreciate. "


On 2002-10-29

" This was a cigar with excellent tatse. As soon as I lite up I was experiencing desireable flavors. A cigar that needs to be treated with proper etiquette. "


On 2002-10-22

" the world number one fine cigar "

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